Aquarius August

This month’s bound to be interesting for you sexually, Aquarius. Saturn, your ruler, has shifted out of your sign and re-entered Capricorn, where it will remain until December 17, 2020, before re-entering you sign again until 2023. Your sector of spirituality and healing is now re-activated with Saturn’s transit in Capricorn, meaning that while you were just starting to come out of your shell and reveal your more unorthodox sexual desires, you may all of a sudden revert back to the more mysterious and emotionally detached way of giving and receiving love, and it’ll feel a bit jarring to both you and your lover(s) / potential partner(s) at first. You’re not going crazy, my love. You’re going through a spiritual ascension, and it’s influencing the way you have sex, with who you have sex, and why you’re drawn to having sex in the first place.

Of all the signs, Aquarius is the sapiosexual of the zodiac, and this month’s Full Moon in your sign will be felt throughout the first two weeks of August, and it will make it clear how much people must turn you on intellectually before your body is even turned on sexually. Relationships that haven’t been as intellectually stimulating may fizzle around this time, allowing you to make room for the one(s) that have the whole package. But how much are you also showing up in more ways than just being a great person to talk to, and kiss?

Since your partnership sector is activated this Leo Season, be inspired by the bolder, more direct vibes of Leo, particularly once Mercury joins the Sun in Leo on August 4th. Your partner(s) may be craving a more aggressive side of you in bed, Aquarius. Talk to them about what would turn them on most, and normalize having conversations about what your sexual needs are. Be open to hearing things about what they’d want you to improve — perhaps they find you to be a bit too emotionally detached or seemingly indifferent in bed. Exploring tantric sex, meditation, and slowing down during foreplay may be ways to deepen your synergy in an organic and easeful way.

Your ruler Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus on the 15th, and you’ll experience a five-month journey where your sector of roots and the home is activated. This may make you think of “the one that got away”. Who is the person you had the most satisfying sexual experiences with, Aquarius? If you’re currently with them right now, Uranus in Taurus will have you both reflecting on some of the most blissful moments of your sex life, and you’ll both be in the mood to re-enact them more consistently and deepen your connection. Watching or filming an erotic film, going on a date to a sex shop or sex party, or discussing alternative loving styles (openness, polyamory, etc…) may all be potential options as the month of August begins. The more open and explorative you are with current or potential partners, the more exciting your sex and love life becomes, because you move past societally-imposed limitations and pave your own sexual path.

The Leo New Moon activates your relationship sector the 18th, and then on the 22nd Virgo Season begins, and activates your sector of depth and intimacy. All month long, you won’t be able to escape thoughts of love and intimacy, even if you tried! People will be drawn to you, wanting to flirt with you, get inside your head, and hook up with you. You’ll be flattered by the attention, but at times you’ll prefer a self-pleasure session over anything else, because Mars’ presence in Aries can make all this attention a bit heated and overwhelming. That’s why grounding yourself with consistent lovers who understand your changing moods and who don’t pressure you to always be in the mood will be key. Virgo Season’s energy is an ideal moment to mellow out and tap into what your current sexual fantasies are without the immediate pressure of acting upon them. It’s actually once you stop thinking about the need to have sex that the opportunities to have bomb, unforgettable sex suddenly manifest…