Aquarius December

Aquarius, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is getting ready to enter your sign in March 2020. That’s going to make your love and sex life more… interesting. As we approach Saturn in Aquarius, you may find yourself pushing away past partners who can’t match you intellectually and sexually. Just make sure that you’re not pushing away people that you actually feel super drawn to sexually and intimately, but who make you feel a bit intimidated due to the emotions that emerge when you’re with them. Yeahhh… that’s a thing. You can self-sabotage even the most real relationships, simply because you’re not comfortable enough with the emotions that such relationships and sexual connections ignite.

It’s important for you to become aware of these traits this month, Aquarius. Especially if “the one that got away” is constantly on your mind and in your fantasies. Ask yourself what exactly you’re afraid of. Even if being vulnerable leaves you in an emotionally uncertain position, isn’t it better than being lonely or feeling misunderstood? Take time to get to the root of your personal blockages so that you can release them in this decade and start 2020 on a fresh note.

The Full Moon on 12/12 activates your sector of roots and domesticity, helping you take letting go to the next level. You may have an awakening about the type of partner(s) you feel most yourself around, and the type of people you may have kept around, but that you often feel emotionally uncertain around. In order for you to be your most sexually liberated self, you need someone who you can fart around, vent around, and even cry around. The Full Moon will make it clear who those people are, and it will also lead to certain people who you thought weren’t in that category showing you a new side of themselves that encourages you to look at them and your connection in a new light.

Someone you may have previously cut off may re-emerge and show you how much they’ve changed and how deeply enamored they are with you. It’s up to you to decide if you want to reconnect with them. If you do, and if it feels right within your heart, it’s likely that the sex will be bomb and your relationship will reach new heights. And if it doesn’t sit right with you, then use the Gemini Full Moon to peacefully move on — perhaps after an incredible session of break-up sex.

Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, activating your spirituality and healing sector, and making you realize that sometimes less is more. If you’ve been stringing multiple along out of uncertainty, you may end the month on a new resolution to be more honest about who you’re really into, and who you’re ready to release. While that may be disappointing for the lovers who are really into you and are deeply sexually drawn to you, ultimately it will feel liberating to you because you’ll be opening yourself up to more profound forms of intimacy.

How much have you been limiting yourself from letting your naughty side come out to play? The Capricorn eclipse on December 26th is also the final New Moon of the year, making it a powerful time to test out new sexual positions and even sex games with your partner(s). The sexual intentions you set around this time can lead to you feeling even more satisfied than usual in the next six months.

Be inspired by fellow Aquarius The Weeknd’s sensual, cosmic song “The Morning” as you take your partner(s) to new dimensions with your strokes, moans, groans and innovative sexual moves. The wilder you get in the bedroom this month, the more exciting your relationships become. It’s time to get out of your own head and receive more head, Water Bearer. Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, spends its first full month direct in your security sector, so prepare for abundance, wetness, and orgasmic bliss this month, with the partner(s) who make you feel warm inside.