Aquarius December

Aquarius, this is a major month for you, astrologically and sexually speaking, so get strapped up and ready for lift-off. First we have the lunar eclipse in Gemini’s energy being felt during the first few weeks of December, and this can lead to you feeling indecisive about what you want from your most recent and consistent sexual or romantic connections. A part of you may have tried calling it quits around the eclipse, but since it took place in your fellow air sign of Gemini, there’s an element of indecision that may still be wavering during the first two weeks of December. Are you sure you’re ready to release that sexual tie, or are you perhaps afraid of the intensity of it? That’s what Venus’ presence in Scorpio will be asking you as the month unfolds, and only you can answer that for yourself. But keep your partner in the loop as you reflect on what your mind, body and soul wants, particularly since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be in fiery Sag starting December 1st, allowing you to be as blunt and honest about your sexual desires as you need to be. No more playing mind games or expecting others to be mindreaders. Tell it like it is, let them know what your ideal sexual experience feels and looks like, and make adjustments until your reality starts to align with your fantasy.

You’re called the Water Bearer for a reason — you know how to transmute energy, and you like to indulge in wetness, and that can very much be the case for you mid-month as Jupiter and Saturn make a game-changing move into your sign for 13 months (Jupiter) and more than two years (Saturn) respectively. All of a sudden, suitors and admirers will come out of the woodwork during this era, which will make you the cosmic favorite, and you may be shook by the attention you’re ready to give and receive. With Venus, the Planet of Love, switching into Sag on the 15th, your sector of community and social networks is activated, which will make phone sex even more stimulating than usual. You’ll be able to use all sorts of descriptive imagery to let your partner know exactly what you envision doing to them, down to to the exact pitch and intonation of the screams, squeals, moans and sighs of pleasure you’ll make sure they experience. Whoever gets to communicate with you during Venus in Sag is likely to be hooked on you, even if you never actually touch their physical body. The power you hold!

Once Capricorn Season begins the 21st, your sector of spirituality and healing is activated, and you may start to take your sex life more seriously than you did during the first three weeks of December. All of a sudden you’ll be dreaming of more than having your ass smacked or smacking ass. You’ll also want — *gasp* — to be cuddled and kissed all over! Even if a part of you is rolling your eyes while reading this, another part of you is secretly smiling and letting the Universe know it can do its thang. And it’s truly that simply Aquarius — with Jupiter and Saturn shifting in your sign this month, you’ll receive what you have the courage to ask for. So keep your current or potential lover(s) in the loop about the range of what you’ve been wanting to experience this month. Take the lead and show them, step by step, ways that they can deepen their process of exploration with you, mentally and physically. And then step back and let the Universe and your admirer(s) give yo what you’ve asked for. Consider yourself a magnet for bomb sex and endless orgasms, and know that bomb sex can be an infinite resource this month, and beyond.