Aquarius December

Get ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone sexually, Aquarius. The first three weeks of December are filled with Sagittarius Season energy, and this activates your sector of tech and social networking. If you’ve been seeking new sexual connections, online dating and apps will be the way to go, particularly after Mercury Retrograde ends on December 6. Prior to that, what you see won’t necessarily be what you get, and you could end up being deceived or disappointed by people you attempt to meet online. Also keep in mind that Mercury has a two-week shadow period, so it may not be until mid to late December that you stop feeling the disorienting effects of the Planet of Communication. But don’t let the retrograde stop you from getting some action, Aquarius. You’ll just have to be a bit more crafty when it comes to how you get it.

You are known as one of the most unique and innovative signs of the zodiac, and with Mars, the Planet of Action, now in Pisces all month long, you’ll be able to tap into your heightened intuitive abilities in order to know what your sexual partner(s) want from you. You won’t even have to ask them — you’ll be a master of reading their body language and understanding their eye contact. If they want you, you’ll feel it, and if you want them, they’ll feel it too. This non-verbal communication between you and your lover(s) will deepen your attraction and magnetism towards each other, particularly because Venus, the Planet of Love, spends all month in the sensual and sexy sign of Scorpio. Although you tend to shy away from discussions of monogamy or long-term commitment, you’ll be very curious about where things are going in your love life, especially if you aren’t in a well-defined romantic category and you’re trying to keep things “chill”.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 7th of December kicks off a new six-month cycle in your life when it comes to expanding your social circle, meeting new people, and connecting both virtually and in real life with people who may turn you on, intellectually and sexually. If you’re in a relationship and are seeking to have more naughty sex with your partner, use the 10 days after the New Moon to initiate that change. Either switch up your foreplay style, send them sexts throughout the day, play some soulful and penetrating music before bed, or just have an upfront discussion with them about ideas you have for taking your sexual connection to the next level. If you commit to making positive changes in your sex life during this New Moon period, by May and June 2019, you’ll feel infinitely more satisfied, and your partner(s) will too. All it takes is the boldness to ask for what you want, and the consistency to follow through and lead by example.

Once Capricorn Season begins on December 21, your spirituality and healing sector will be activated for the following four weeks, meaning that you may need to spend more time alone, hibernating and preparing for your birthday season to begin in January. You may therefore enter your Aquarius cave and intentionally (or unintentionally) push people away. That’s the thing about you, Aquarius — you aren’t as boldly sexual as other zodiac signs can be, and you vacillate between moments when you absolutely need sex to refuel, and when you’d prefer self-satisfy yourself or indulge in a platonic, asexual relationship with someone for a while. Capricorn Season may have you feeling like the latter, and the Cancer Full Moon takes place in your health and routine sector on the 22nd, emphasizing your desire to become more intimately acquainted with yourself first and foremost before trying to get into bed with another being.

The last 10 days of December, you may actually find yourself turning down date requests and potential sexscapades. But by December 31, Mars, the Planet of Action will have shifted out of Pisces and into Aquarius, lighting up your communication sector just in time for New Year’s Eve. A whole new side of you will emerge, and you’ll feel sexier, more popular and social, outgoing and flirtatious. It’s highly likely that your extroverted side will outweigh your feelings of introversion, and you’ll be seeking orgasmic sex — especially if you had previously taken a break for some time. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, the final day of 2018 has the potential to take your sex life to a completely different level. People won’t be able to take their hands off of you, and they’ll find you incredibly alluring and attractive. Be drawn towards the person or people you feel the same about, Aquarius, and let the night’s kinky actions give birth to a new world — one where you feel free to explore your sexual whims as openly as possible.