Aquarius February

Who would you do if you had no fear? Where would you do the act, and how often? While perhaps the person who comes to mind may be a celebrity or someone you feel is a reach, it’s important to let yourself visualize them as a possibility, Aquarius. It’s February 2020 and anything is possible — especially the sexual scenarios you once thought would never manifest. The Universe has plenty of tricks up its sleeve and surprises coming your way this month, especially since it’s Aquarius Season for the first three weeks of the month, and your ability to really tune into your limiting beliefs about sex and intimacy, and disrupt them completely, is heightened. Remember that Aquarius New Moon that took place at the end of January? You’ll still find yourself tapping into the intention-setting energy that it provided for you. Use the first 9 days of the month leading up to the Leo Full Moon to specifically focus on sex and intimacy in your intentions. Write yourself an erotic intention regarding what you’d like your sex life to be like this year. Even if it’s already great, how can it be even better? And if it feels nonexistent or “blah”, what would it take to take things up several levels and be left out of breath, panting, sweating, on your knees seeking more? Just because you’re a sapiosexual doesn’t mean you don’t have insatiable sexual urges, Aquarius.

The Leo Full Moon on the 9th gives you the oomph you’ve been searching for, perhaps even for the past six months, ever since the Leo New Moon took place on July 31st, 2019. Since this Full Moon activates your partnership sector, a relationship that began six months ago may come full circle. Sex may lead to a pregnancy around this time, so be aware of that and prepare accordingly. It can also lead to your lover being so consumed by you (and vice versa), that you decide to move in together, get engaged, elope, or film a porno. It can literally be anything that excites you and turns you both on. It’ll feel impulsive and dramatic, but it will also feel orgasmic and exciting. And hey, Mercury retrograde won’t have begun yet, so you technically have the green light to pursue your more daring urges, especially under the Full Moon influence. With Mars, the Planet of Action, entering Capricorn on the 16th, the same day that Mercury Retrograde begins, you’ll find yourself pushing away some of the lovers you previously entertained if all of a sudden you feel like they’re wasting your time or draining your energy. But be very careful before making drastic decisions, because sexual ties are powerful and sometimes you may let your brashness burn a bridge when in reality all you may have needed was a heart to heart. Make sure there are no projections involved — for example, you may actually feel the urge to push away someone that’s been on your mind non-stop. You may be so deeply turned on by them and the way they make you feel — especially if you’ve haven’t yet had sex with them and are so curious about what it’ll feel like — that you end up taking the route of the contrarian and you end up torturing yourself by trying to act like you’re not interested. Surrender, Aquarius. Surrender to soul-stirring sex!!!

The Pisces New Moon on the 23rd will make it clear how magical and sensual and lush life can be when you trust your instincts and give your body and soul what it craves. Even by just allowing yourself to imagine yourself with a lover of your dreams, you will be planting seeds in your consciousness that helps draw that lover to you within the next six months. The Pisces New Moon will be a refreshing follow-up to last month’s New Moon in your sign, because it will help you shift from living based on logic, to letting the Universe take the lead based on your intuition. Something may tell you to throw a kickback and tell your friends to invite their friends, and one of their friends and you could end up eye f*cking all night long, making out in the back seat of a car, exchanging numbers, and being irresistibly drawn to each other from that point on. Let yourself explore the possibility of sex with a stranger who may soon become a lover you can’t get enough of. Let go of all stigmas about the timing of when you’re supposed to connect, even if Mercury is retrograde. If there’s anything your season taught you, it’s that you make the rules. No sex, slow sex, rough sex, every-so-often-sex, mind sex, rollercoaster sex, outdoor sex. You’re the ultimate sex magnet this month if you so choose, so open yourself up to what that means for you and the mind-blowing orgasms you have the potential to both give and receive.