Aquarius January

Most people underestimate your sexual abilities, Aquarius. Sometimes you don’t even hype them up that much because you’re a sapiosexual, falling in love with other people’s minds first. But this month allows your more animalistic and raw side to emerge, particularly once Venus shifts out of your sign and enters Pisces on January 13th, which activates your sector of security and abundance. This happens just 3 days after the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer, which activates your sector of health and service. You’re realizing that the part of you that minimized your worth, both in and out of the bedroom, has to be left behind. Let your more sensual, deep and magnetic sexual energy come out to play this January 2020, Aquarius.

No one really understands how sexually immersive your mind can be when your aura’s in the right place, but this month you may connect with someone who does. And it’ll blow your mind. The recent eclipse, combined with Venus in your sign for the first half of the month, is showing you that even though you come off as an indifferent lover who can move on with ease, you’re actually ultra-sensitive — almost so sensitive that you don’t know what to do with your sensitivity. Sex is a great way to explore your sensitivity, and once Venus shifts into Pisces and your season starts to near, you won’t be able to deny your urge for intimacy and profound connection.

The type of synergy that you’re seeking this January 2020 isn’t something you have to go out begging for, crying for, or exhausting yourself for. Your mission this month, Aquarius, is to be yourself, with joy and passion. If you feel like shouting from a rooftop, do that. You’ll probably attract a curious soul who runs up there with you to see what all the excitement’s about. Because they’re drawn to your vibration, and they want to merge with you. And before you know it, you may be merging, between the sheets, or between bookshelves exchanging your favorite novel recommendations. You decide what sex means to you. It doesn’t always have to be physical, or in a bed. It can be voracious eye sex, footsie under the dinner table, or mutual exchanges of butterflies in your stomach.

Aquarius, once your birthday season begins on the 20th, you’ll wake up feeling like a whole new you. Your annual Aquarius New Moon on the 24th will highlight this rebirth, and many of the people you’ve fantasized about will find themselves fantasizing about you too. Please do not deny yourself the pleasure the Universe wants to gift you this season, Aquarius. You deserve sexual ecstasy, even as you redefine what that means to you. For you it could mean sex on the beach, soaking up the remnants from the Cancer Lunar Eclipse that took place two weeks prior. It could also mean raunchy car sex as you escape your usual routine and go off on an unexpected sex adventure with someone who’s as wild and reckless as you are. It’s your birthday season, and you get to decide what type of birthday sex you indulge in (if any at all). There’s no right or wrong, and there’s no need to overly explain yourself or your current sexual escapades to others either. As long as no one’s getting hurt by your actions, you are free to explore in whichever way speaks to you in the present moment.

Keep in mind that Uranus, your modern ruler, is now direct in the sign of Taurus. This activates your sector of roots and values. If a part of you is still healing from a past sexual connection that shook you to the core, you may find that this is the month where you’re able to move on from that connection. It doesn’t mean it won’t still be influencing you, but it does mean you’ll realize you are worthy of experiencing so much more bliss and abundance, and you don’t have to be stuck in nostalgic thoughts of the lover that got away, or the one that broke your heart. You are instead focusing on the lover that you are, an infinite being of cosmic light that can transform at any moment. You can release what others define you as, and define yourself. Be sensitive and sensual if you want to. Be polyamorous if you want to. Be monogamous AF or asexual if you want to. Be a combination of it all. It’s the Age of Aquarius, and your 2020 sexual decree is whatever you decide it will be. And so it is.