Aquarius June

Ever since Saturn’s entered your sign two months ago, you’ve been on people’s minds more than ever, and the world has literally been going through a revolution. This month, you’ll notice that your sex and love life is going through one too. That’s because Saturn’s experiencing its final full month in your sign before heading back into Capricorn for its final stretch. There are major cosmic lessons that your relationships are here to teach you this month, Aquarius. But the way you’ll really enjoy your connections most is if you take a break from overthinking them. With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, now in Cancer until the month of August, your sector of health and service is activated. This means that letting yourself be taken care of, in both sexual and non-sexual ways, will help you loosen up and make you even more attractive than usual. A softer, more compassionate and nurturing side to you may come out this month, Aquarius, and people will feel drawn to you due to your eroticism and soulful presence.

The Sag eclipse on the 5th of June activates your sector of career and reputation. Something major could happen at work that could connect you with someone that leads to sparks flying. The sparks will feel so magnetic that you could be tempted to do something quite naughty in a public setting, or dare each other to do so in the near future. Your daredevil side will come out in the bedroom during the first two weeks of June, particularly since the Sun and Venus in Gemini are also teasing you and encouraging you to tease your boo(s).

You’re an intuitive and deeply aware being — you know exactly what they want from you, but you may not give it to them until they’re literally begging you to. This is why people find you so annoying and irresistible at the same time, Aquarius. You drive them crazy with your mind games, but you also know how to woo them into your bedsheets and keep them hostage there. They become wilful hostages, who want to be kidnapped, who never want to leave your side… Until you’re like, “Okay bye, I’m ready to keep nerding out now.” And then they’re like, “Umm, we just had the most incredible 36 hours of lovemaking and now you’re telling me to leave?” And you’re like, “Yeah. Is that a problem? I’ll text you next week.”

This month your sex life may feel as erratic as that previous paragraph, and that’s because Saturn, your ruler, is retrograde in your sign this month. On July 1st, it will shift out of your sign and re-enter Capricorn, where it will remain until December 17, 2020. At that point in time, Saturn will re-enter your sign, and remain there until March 2023. Aquarius, you are going through itttt. But this is a great thing because when Saturn’s in your sign you can’t avoid life’s lessons that are meant to help you thrive and grow. But in the midst of learning those lessons, your sex life can at times feel like it’s at a stalemate.

Your mission this month is to not fall into the retrograde trap. Use this final month of Saturn in your sign to re-evaluate what you’ve been telling yourself to be true in regards to how worthy you are of a lover who consistently wants you, and remains with you. That part of you that tends to run away or ghost when things start to get real? Why do you do that, Aquarius? What are you running away from? Especially if the sex is bomb. Why run away when the sex is bomb?!

You don’t have to sit there and meditate on these questions forever. You can use sex as therapy if you open yourself up to it. Sex with self, or sex with another. Or both. It’s up to you. Since Venus is retrograde in your fellow air sign of Gemini, an element of duality, mystery and complexity will be entangled in all your sexual scenarios this month. You may find it hard to choose just one person to talk or commit to. Who says you have to choose? This doesn’t mean you’re a heartbreaker, it just means you don’t want to put pressure on yourself during a time when nothing feels certain, nothing even feels real. You’re on to something, Aquarius.

If you’re riding mainly solo during eclipse and retrograde season, but still connecting to people in whatever way feels right, then you’ll find it easier to let your soul and body lead the way and take you as far as you’re meant to go with the one(s) you’re currently into. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is the prime time for you to let yourself go “there”, whether that means getting lost in a sexual trance after having sex on shrooms, or if it means finally saying “I fucking love you” to your fuck buddy that you realize is so much more than that. Yup, it might go there, Aquababe. Your sex life in this post-eclipse world won’t ever be the same. And deep down, you know you really want to experience this mind-blowing portal.