Aquarius May

Aquarius, your sex life is about to go through a revolution, and it’s up to you to decide what that means. Saturn’s been in your sign for the past few weeks, and you’re adjusting to a reality where you see everything so clearly, but it’s taking people around you a bit longer to really see you. It’s because you’re evolving and expanding at such a rapid speed that just when someone thinks they know who you are, they discover a completely new aspect of who you are, which can be both intriguing and alienating. People may therefore try to fall back and give you your space, but in doing so their desire to be with you will only intensify. Since you’re quite the intuitive being, you’ll sense this desire, but you may not immediately act on it, because Saturn in Aquarius has been such a trippy transit that you’re kind of flowing with that without seeking much distraction.

But here’s the thing, Aquarius. Love isn’t a distraction. Connection isn’t a distraction. Not when it’s intentional. So instead of disregarding it altogether, this month you’ll find yourself more curious about it and all the ways it makes you feel. You are the one sign that comes off as too cool for school. The asexual loner. But there’s more to you than clichés, and if people are wise enough to peel back the layers, particularly since your ruler Saturn will be retrograde in your sign starting the 11th of May, then they’ll soon go from not knowing who you are to wanting nothing more than to know who you are.

Aquarius, your enigmatic nature is your lover’s Achilles’ heel. Just don’t use it against them too much, or else it’ll backfire. Since it’s retrograde season, you’ll risk going in circles if you keep doing the same old, same old in your sex and love life when you know it’s time for a change. A change may simply mean an update or conversation with the one you’re into, letting them know what they can expect from you.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th activates your sector of reputation, and since Scorpio energy is controversial at times, just like you, there may be a point when single Aquarians who only want to stay single, while still enjoying sexual and romantic connections with multiple lovers, will have to break it to their lovers that that’s what they’re feeling. It’s better to keep it real than to try to play mind games and avoid telling the truth. Chances are, your lovers will only want you even more because of your transparency, but they’ll realize that they cannot have you. No one can. You belong to no one, not even yourself.

Whewww, chile. This season won’t always be this serious, particularly since Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Pisces starting mid-month for six weeks. This activates your sector of abundance and security, and this helps you dream in a more sensitive and mystical way than you have in a while. You’ll notice that if you’ve been really connected to someone in an intellectual and spiritual way, Mars in Pisces your connection is intensified, and it almost feels like a dream. Life is a dream, my friend. You’re just sometimes so stuck in your more objective view of the world that you forget about that side of life. Well during Mars in Pisces, your blessings come from following your intuition more than your intellect or pragmatism. If you swipe right on someone online and something tells you that you must send them a message immediately rather than wait for them to be the first to reach out, then do so. You can literally tell them, “I usually would’ve waited for you to reach out, but nah, I can’t miss out on connecting with you.” Aquarius, you’ll be in your romantic bag this season and you might as well tap into it full force.

The last 10 days of May are likely to be the most interesting for you, as Gemini Season begins on the 20th, followed by the Gemini New Moon on the 22nd. There’s a reason they call you and Gemini “Aquemini” (coined by Big Boi and Andre 3000). You come alive during Gemini Season, and if you’re boo’d up at this time, your lover will view you like such an exciting, deeply pleasurable being that they enjoy being around. If you’er riding solo, your more social side will emerge during this period, and since your sector of fate, true love and adventure is activated, you’ll end the month feeling like your fantasies are becoming realities with the quickness! The intentions you set around the final 8 days of May should be directly tied to how much sexual freedom, passion and delight you want to experience these next six months. And then focus on making each day an orgasmic experience within itself, by admitting when you’re horny AF, and actually doing something about it ;).