Aquarius November

Welcome to November, Aquarius. The intensely emotional waters of Scorpio Season have been teaching you to be careful what you ask for in terms of love and intimacy, because it can manifest before your very eyes more quickly than you ever expected. And once you’ve received what you’ve asked for, are you prepared for what comes next? Are you prepared to commit to receiving your sexual, emotional and spiritual desires? The Scorpio New Moon energy lingers until November 7th, so if you’re feeling unsure about what you even want romantically and sexually, take time to set intentions in the first week of the month. Do so solo, and put your own needs first.

If you want to break up with someone or end a sexual relationship with them, and you intuitively know it’s time, you may want to take Mercury Retrograde to reflect on this realization. By the end of November, you’ll have the green light to make that rupture. The same goes for wanting to confess to someone how madly in love you are with them. Aquarians are often viewed as emotionally detached and indifferent. But the truth is you feel so profoundly — that’s why you attempt to numb or mask your emotions through pragmatism.

During Scorpio Season, your chances of connecting with someone who sees you for who you really are — beyond the mask — increases dramatically. So don’t be surprised if you end up either rekindling a connection with a past lover, or manifesting one with someone who makes you feel like you’ve known them before. Twin flame energy is especially strong during the first three weeks of the month. You’re not going crazy, Aquarius. You’re just falling in love.

Before you run for the hills, understand that Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in Sagittarius until the 25th, and that helps you view love as an adventurous ride that should be experienced moment by moment. You don’t have to associate love with “forever and always”. Make that clear to all your sexual partners. Yes, you vibe with them and the sex is great and everything, but you’re just trying to feel things out and work on opening yourself up to them. You do so most easily when there’s minimal pressure or expectations about where things are heading or what “you are”. Since Mercury will be retrograde the first three weeks of November, you’ll want to be clear when it comes to letting your partner(s) know of your intentions with them. Don’t expect them to be mind readers.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th of November activates your sector of roots and domesticity, so you may feel the need to ground yourself around this time, and focus on quality over quantity. Taurus energy is all about weeding out what’s nonessential and focusing on what is. You may be in the mood to delete contacts of old situationships that haven’t panned out or that you no longer want to pine over. This will be an energetic cleansing that will have a powerful effect on your sexual journey.

We are currently in the Age of Aquarius, which means your human experience is a microcosm of the larger collective consciousness. You’ll therefore attract partners who are in need of healing, as we all are, but who may at times be drawn to you because they sense that you can heal them — not only through your conversations and presence, but through your sexual energy. If the healing work is consensual and beneficial, then this could lead to you exploring powerful tantric sex with whomever you’re engaged with sexually this month. Look into tantra sex if you haven’t already. Thank me later. But if you feel taken advantage of, then use the Full Moon in Taurus to cut those cords. Thank me later.

Sag Season starts on the 22nd, and that will serve as a breath of fresh air for you, Aquarius. It activates your sector of reputation and work, so you’ll find yourself taking a break from thinking about love and instead dive into professional projects that you previously put on the back burner. But this break from thinking about sex will only be for a short time span, because Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, will end its retrograde in the sign of Pisces on the 27th, and that activates your sector of security. If you were using work as a way to avoid your feelings, Neptune direct will force you into confronting them, and sharing them, with your partner(s).

You may end the month having to clarify your intentions (or lack of transparency regarding your intentions) to anyone you may have led on or kept around just to know you could have them if you wanted. Be aware that this isn’t necessarily something you did maliciously, Aquarius. But Neptune Retrograde will make you aware of hearts that you’ve broken, and you may also own up to the status of your heart. Being clear about what you really feel will lead to you having a sexual awakening. The Universe wants to give you want you want. But that doesn’t always align with specifically who you want. It’s the energy of what you seek sexually and emotionally that will manifest by month’s end if you keep doing the work. Open your, mind, body, soul (and legs if so desired) to the soul-stirring sexual awakenings that await.