Aquarius November

Aquarius, it’s okay for you to change your mind about what you want in love, in sex, and in bed. You may be a Fixed Sign, and it may be Scorpio Season, but with Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, preparing to enter your sign next month, you’re already starting to deepen your understanding of the art of detachment, particularly in your closest relationships. Will this potentially bruise a few egos? Yes. But is that a reason to deny yourself what you really want? Absolutely not. The thing is though, you may need a bit of time as the month begins to figure out what it is that you really want.

This month’s Scorpio New Moon on November 15th activates your sector of reputation, and that may lead to you acting up in ways that surprise both you and others. You, who usually is a pro at seeming indifferent and aloof, may find yourself caught up in your feels this month, Aquarius, particularly if you’ve been fantasizing of making love to the person who gives you butterflies, but circumstances have made it challenging or improbable. It’s up to you to change the game and make your fantasies a reality. That’s your challenge for this month, Water Bearer. Lots of wetness is possible for you this Scorpio Season if you get out of your own way.

Fortunately we have Venus, the Planet of Love, spending most of November in your fellow Air sign of Libra, and this allows you to be more flirtatious, open-hearted, and open to experimentation in and out of the bedroom. Your sector of expansion will be activated by Venus in Libra, so if you’re polyamorous or have been exploring the idea of polyamory or open relationships, the first three weeks of November may be an ideal time for you to have more expansive sexual connections with one or more people. If you’re boo’d up and you and your partner have been wanting to add another person, or new toys, into your sex life, allow yourself to do so, particularly during the 10 days after the Scorpio New Moon. Your wild and uninhibited side is emerging this month, Aquarius, and it’s magnetic, scintillating and deeply intoxicating for everyone involved. You may even admit some super freaky fantasies that you’ve been keeping to yourself, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your partner’s down to give your kinks a try…

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any hotter, Sag Season begins on the 21st, and the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini takes place at the very end of November. We’ll feel the vibes of this eclipse during the second half of November, and because it’s activating your sector of friendships, it’s likely that sex with a friend, or a decision to friend zone someone you had sex with, may take place by the end of the month. Full Moons bring closure, so if you’re ready to end one chapter of your sex life — perhaps you’ve outgrown a situationship or you’re actually ready to explore more consistent connection in ways other than just sex — and begin another, circle the dates of November 16 – November 30th as ideal times to state your intentions clearly, to yourself first, and then to anyone you’re romantically or sexually involved with. Transparency, honesty, and consistent communication is key to having a sexually blissed out month, full of kinks, surprises, and potentially whips and BDSM (major Scorpio-Sag energy) if you’re up for it. It’s game time, baby.