Aquarius October

Aquarius, now that your ruler Saturn is no longer retrograde in Capricorn, you’ll find yourself focusing more on attracting or maintaining bomb sexual relationships in your life. It’s more of a priority for you now, and all of your lovers and admirers will thank you for it! Technology will play a large role in the way you choose to connect and express yourself romantically and sexually this month, Aquarius, and that’s largely due to the fact that both Jupiter and Saturn are no longer retrograde, and they’re preparing to enter your sign in two months.

This month you’re emerging out of the cocoon and feeling more adventurous. You’re ready to be a daredevil, especially in the bedroom. The Aries Full Moon that occurred on the 1st of October lit a fire within you, and all month long that flame will burn brighter and brighter. Then on the 31st of October you’ll experience a grounding Taurus Full Moon that still amplifies your sexual desires, but allows you to make a game plan for tapping into them with greater passion and consistency. You’ll feel more passionate in bed, and you’ll want to have non-stop rounds of sex!

The one thing that may at first slow down your roll in this reawakening world is the start of Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio on the 13th. There’s no reason to stop talking or connecting with people, but it’s more important than ever to be intentional about why you want to have sex with someone, and how you want to treat that connection before, during and after your sexual merging. Even as an Air sign, Aquarius, you don’t have to completely detach yourself from certain connections just because they seem to be getting “too deep”. You are the depth itself, and people are attracted to you when you dare to let your intensity be felt. You are a sign that feels things more intensely than most people would ever think, and you’re only asexual or indifferent when you turn that part of yourself on. There’s so much more to you than exists beneath your layers, and subconsciously this month that’s exactly what and who you’re seeking. You want to feel consumed by someone who doesn’t want to possess you, but who still sees you, craves you, and wants you fully. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too.

The Libra New Moon on the 16th serves as a catalyst to the world of your dreams, particularly romantically. Libra is the sign of love, the sign of relationships, the sign of harmony. With your spirituality sector currently activated by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, this Libra New Moon activates your communication sector, and encourages you to admit if you’re in love with someone, or if you can’t stop fantasizing about what you’d like to do to them, and how you’d like them to make you feel, sexually and emotionally. People may at first be shook at your more sentimental side emerging, particularly from October 16th – October 26th.

If you have sex during this New Moon portal, Aquarius, you and your lover(s) could very much end up in tears. And just when you think you’ve had enough and felt the depths of passion — the Taurus Full Moon, the second full moon of the month, takes place on October 31st. Your sector of roots and domesticity is activated by this Full Moon, so a connection that’s been significantly unfolding in your life these past full months could come full circle — either you’ll have bomb break-up sex, or you’ll have magical make-up sex. How far, slow, or fast things go is up to you. Just make sure that your body, mind and soul are aligned with your sexual and soulful intentions.