Aquarius October

Welcome to October, Aquarius. This month you’ll be feeling quite in your element due to Mars, the Planet of Action, being in your sign all month long. Mars rules the way we approach our relationships, as well as the initiatives we take to turn desires into reality. With Mars in your sign (and no longer retrograde), your self-confidence and sex appeal will be through the roof. But your sexual partner(s) shouldn’t expect you to be predictable or even consistent when it comes to how you interact with them. You’ll be off in your own world more than ever, and it’ll take a special someone to get you to direct your attention solely towards them.

This is also due to Venus, the Planet of Love, being in the enigmatic sign of Scorpio all month long too. Your reputation and career sector is activated by this transit, and once Venus goes retrograde on the 5th you may notice how much your work life and sex life become intermingled. You may be caught up with a special project at work and this can at first lead to you neglecting more emotional and sexual matters. You are the sign of the zodiac that is the most emotionally detached (at least outwardly), and you may end up confusing people when you place more energy on your professional life than your sex life. Just make sure your partner(s) are on the same page as you — you’re not intentionally pushing them away, you just want to make sure you feel at ease professionally so that you can mentally be at ease and be as present as possible when you do indulge in sexual activities.

Luckily, on October 8th, the Libra New Moon comes to save the day as it activates your expansion and growth sector. Libra is an Air sign like you, and New Moons symbolize new beginnings, so you may be ready to start fresh when it comes to how you think about sex and relationships in general. While you can often be very stubborn and fixed in your ideals, this New Moon can make single Aquarius’ unexpectedly meet someone new who introduces them to a completely new sexual vibe or lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll engage in conversations about different quirks and fetishes that they’d like to indulge in, and you may be surprised at how daring and out there they are — even for you! Aquarius’ in a relationship or situationship may feel ready to initiative such unconventional conversations with their current partner(s), and hopefully the feeling will be reciprocal. At this New Moon, you’ll want to feel like your weirdness is fully accepted and not judged. You won’t want to have to hide any part of who you are or dim your eccentric sexual nature just because it’s “too much” for people. If you do get that vibe from anyone, you may distance yourself from them around the middle of the month, in search of greener pastures.

Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, had been retrograde in your spirituality and healing sector for five months, and October 2018 is the first full month that it’s transiting direct in that sector. This is huge news for you in terms of your sexual healing. You may not have realized it, but there were many sexual and emotional blockages that you were experiencing in your life these past few months, and they were linked to past trauma and relationships from your past that may not have panned out the way you’d hoped. This may have led you to close yourself off romantically and sexually, and engage in escapist activities such as partying too much, overworking yourself, or getting lost in intellectual and philosophical pursuits as a way to avoid peeling back the layers and addressing your triggers. But now that Pluto is direct all month long, a new you is emerging and you’re willing to look at your dirty laundry and finally wash it. You may even throw out the clothes altogether, metaphorically speaking. Simply put, your sex life will benefit from your more mature perspective on past relationships. You’re no longer letting them hinder your current ones, and this will lead to your sex life feeling refreshing and invigorating. If you’ve been taking a break from sex, the energy of Scorpio Season on October 23 may activate a new desire to get back in the game, and to commit to your partner(s) more authentically and without fear. The Full Moon on the 24th is a reminder of just how much you’ve evolved, and you may find yourself feeling extra romantic, attractive and deeply sexual at month’s end.