aquarius september

Welcome to September, Aquarius. With Mars, the Planet of Action, re-entering your sign on September 10, you will be one of the universal favorites when it comes to whom people want to have sex with. Your sex appeal will be strong, and your ability to merge with people will also increase due to the body-oriented vibes of Virgo Season. It will take a special person (or group of people) to activate your sexual urges during the first three weeks of September. The Virgo Sun will highlight your sector of intimacy, depth and merging, allowing you to see past superficialities into the core of your sexual partners. You’ll sense their insecurities or moments of weakness and you’ll be there to help them overcome it. This may surprise them at first, because you’re known for being indifferent and sometimes even cold, but with the Sun in such an intimate and profound sector of your chart, there’s a whole other side of you that’s coming out. Plus, Mars being in your sign for most of the month means that you’re learning from past lessons in relationships, and working on not repeating them. You don’t want to let your fear of intimacy cause a rift between people who can truly make your world better, so you’re learning to get over that fear, step by step.

The New Moon in Virgo on September 9 will be a huge stepping stone for you to admit your own insecurities to your partners. You have more than you care to admit, but laying them all out in the open gives them less power over you, and also makes you seem more approachable and relatable than you normally are. People are less likely to be frustrated or mystified by you with this Virgo New Moon. Instead, they’ll be turned on by your transparency, and they’ll want to let you in sexually more than ever. You can have some of your most riveting sexual experiences around this Virgo New Moon, and it’ll be emphasized by the fact that Venus, the Planet of Love, will have entered Scorpio on the very same day. As much as you can sometimes give Scorpio a hard time for being overly passionate and emotional, you’ll notice those very same characteristics start to take over your sex life mid-month, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll be much more attached to your sexual partners than usual, especially if they’re from a different background or culture than your own. Your expansion sector will be activated by the Venus in Scorpio energy, so if you can go on a trip with your partner(s), you will find that your sexual experiences become steamier than ever and you truly let out your wild side. Sex in the car during an impromptu road trip, or in a tent under the stars maybe? The more spontaneous and reckless, the better.

This urge will start to calm down a bit once Libra Season begins on September 22 though, so don’t freak out if you find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster this month. It’s normal — you’re experimenting with different forms of affection and sexual attraction. The Libra energy will highlight your career and social status sector, and during this time you’ll feel the urge to engage in a power couple dynamic with those you’re having sex with. The more sex you have with them, the more ambitious you’ll mutually become, and you’ll feel the urge to merge both in and out of the bedroom. You’ll find that having sex during Libra Season increases your productivity in general, and helps you focus more at work, although you may occasionally be distracted by flashbacks to your most recent sexcapade. You’ll be focused on making sure your partners stay satisfied and happy with you sexually, and you won’t want them to take anything too seriously, even if you’re giving them contradicting vibes…

The Full Moon in Aries on September 24 lights up your communication sector and helps you clear the air if there were any misconceptions about how you were feeling this month. It may not even be until this Full Moon that you realize what you really want, and that’s okay. Variety is the spice of life, and there’s no reason to limit yourself, Aquarius. Mars being in your sign is also making you act in very unconventional and unusual ways, so you won’t really have to explain yourself too much. It is what it is. As long as you and your partners had fun along the way, there’s really no harm in switching up your sexual desires and going from being completely obsessed with one person to needing some alone time to regroup. As long as you fully own your quirks and eccentricities, your partners will stick by your side.