Aquarius June

Forget everything you’ve been told about what the ideal sex life has to be like, Aquarius. You’re not one to follow the rules or to abide by societal expectations anyway. And with your co-ruler Uranus now settled in the grounded Earth sign of Taurus until 2026, you’re in the midst of a radical re-altering of what it means to be a lover, a sexual partner, and a human being with sexual urges. This month is about breaking barriers and self-imposed limitations and letting yourself explore without confinement or explanation. The Gemini New Moon on the 3rd of June will have you thinking and expressing some of your naughtiest, most secret thoughts to the lover(s) or could-be lover(s) in your life. This won’t necessarily happen in the most forthright way. Perhaps you’ll write them a letter or show them a screenplay filled with sexual innuendos… You’ll use the verbose energy of the New Moon in Gemini to find a unique and unforgettable way to get your point across.

Once Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Gemini on June 8th, you’ll find yourself contemplating several options in your love, social and sex life. A part of you will want to just chill out solo and not sweat it. Another part of you will be intoxicated by the airy, intellectual energy in the cosmos, and you’ll seek to connect with new people from different walks of life. Being around fellow Aquarius’, or Geminis and Libras may appeal to you in particular, because there will be much Air sign energy coursing through you. If you end up having sex with a fellow Air sign (or someone who has a lot of Air in their chart), you may enjoy not having to focus on anything else except being in the present moment. No matter who your sexual partner is during Gemini Season, allow the themes of flexibility and adaptability to be a prominent force in your connections. This could literally mean being more flexible when it comes to trying out new sex positions with your partner(s). Yoga and chill, anyone? Take things up a notch in the bedroom and see what pushing the limits makes you and your lover(s) feel…

The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 17th adds more of a fiery energy to the second half of the month. It’s activating your friendship and social network sector, so a kindred soul could either appear or re-appear in your life around this time, amping up your sex drive and overall connection to the world around you. You’ve been working on opening yourself up more these past six months, and not just in an intellectual or philosophical way. There’s a more personal side of you that emerges when you feel the right connection with someone, and this Sag Full Moon will ignite a spark within you and such an individual. It’s possible that you’ll see someone in a completely new light, and it’s also likely that a love interest or prospect will enter your consciousness and make you curious to explore new sides of yourself and others sexually… Give into this curiosity.

Once Cancer Season begins the 21st, you’ll notice yourself getting more and more caught up in your feelings when having sex, or even just when talking to someone flirtatiously. What you thought was casual could turn into something much more profound, and if you’re having sex with this person you’ll notice the profoundness increase the more your bodies merge. You may not used to this type of mushy-gushiness in your partnerships, but there’s no fighting it this month because both Mars and the Sun will be in Cancer at one point. The Universe is teaching you to let down your guard and let others in… You’ll notice that the more you do, the more sexually satisfied and at ease you become. It’ll be wild to see how much your sexual nature has evolved from the beginning to the end of the month of June. You’re someone who can’t be bound to expectations or limits, so don’t place any on your sex life.