Aquarius February

Welcome to February, Aquarius. Your birthday season keeps going strong until the 18th, and a New Moon in your sign on the 4th gives you a sneak peek of how your life can transform for the better within the next 6 months — including your sex and love life. While you often tend to be focused on intellectual and practical matters, the Leo Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse that took place on January 21st totally shook up your sex life, and as February begins you’ll still be unraveling all of the lessons that were bestowed upon you. It may be that you were able to grapple with your feelings concerning monogamy and commitment. While many Aquarius’ have no problem remaining happy, faithful and loyal in long-term relationships, there are also Aquarius’ who understand that love and relationships aren’t a black-or-white, all-or-nothing situation. As the humanitarian of the zodiac, you understand the concept of one love. It’s possible to love many people, because it’s all love. If this is something you’ve felt for a long time, the Leo eclipse allowed you to express it openly, and it may have surprised people a bit. This month though, now that the Full Moon energy has waned, you’ll be able to further discuss your sexual desires and any fears surrounding commitment or traditional relationships. Be as open, transparent and honest as possible, Aquarius. It will liberate you emotionally and psychologically, and you’ll be able to be fully invested in your sex life.

Your Aquarius New Moon energy will last until the 14th of this month, so use the days before Valentine’s Day to set your intentions about what your ideal sex life would be like. If you fully detached yourself from societal expectations, who would you want to have sex with, what would the sex be like, and what type of sex would you be having? Your thoughts don’t have to fully rock the boat. It’s totally normal to feel completely fulfilled with your current sexual experience, and there’s no need to fix something that’s not broken. But if you’ve felt like something’s been missing, and you’re longing to delve into some sexual exploration, this is definitely the month to do so.

On the 10th, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Pisces for several weeks. This lights up your security sector, so you may find yourself having greater empathy for whatever your romantic partner(s) are going through. While you have an easier time being emotionally detached than most signs, you may realize that there were feelings you had for someone (or many people) that you were in denial of, or that you were repressing. With Mercury now in the intuitive sign of Pisces though, those feelings will come to the surface, and they’re likely to be reciprocal. Don’t shy away from having heart-to-hearts if they can transform your love and sex consciousness, Aquarius. On the 14th, Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts into Taurus and intensifies these profound thoughts. Your sector of home and roots will be activated, so even though the energy of your birthday season is helping you be open-minded and adaptable as a sexual being, the more Fixed earthy energy of Mars in Taurus will still have you seeking control over your current sexual experiences. You’ll want to be sure that your partners are really into having sex with you, and this can lead to you getting stuck inside your own head. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you, Aquarius. Boost your self-esteem and explore new ways to please your partner(s) in bed. Since it’s your birthday season, people will be drawn to you anyways. Use this gift wisely and try out new positions instead of just thinking of them. It’s okay to admit your fetishes or unique sexual urges to those you’re sexually engaged with. The more authentic and genuine you are in bed, the better your sex life will be. Just make sure that all boundaries are respected as you are sexually explorative.

Once Pisces Season begins on the 18th, you’ll start feeling less emotionally detached and more emotionally in tune with those you sexually merge with. The shift from an Air sign season to a Water sign season can sometimes feel drastic, because just as you thought you weren’t catching feelings or getting too deep, you’ll be overcome by profound feelings for whomever you’re sexually merging with. Even if you’re abstinent or celibate, you’ll find yourself having intense sexual chemistry with someone special during Pisces Season, especially around the Virgo Full Moon on the 19th. A major culmination may take place around that time. Single Aquarians may finally hit up their crush and ask them out on a date, which could lead to having mind-blowing sex soon afterwards. Coupled Aquarius may feel greater ease in talking about taboo topics and not feeling judged by their partner. Polyamory, open relationships, or just having more space and time alone to masturbate may be along some of what’s discussed. Get into the habit of being radically honest with your lover(s), and you’ll notice every aspect of your sex life improve as a result. Have an orgasmic month, Aquarius!