Aquarius September

This month, Aquarius, you may find yourself seeking greater depth, intimacy and exclusivity in your love and sex life. While this may at first surprise you and your lover(s), the more you give into this feeling instead of resisting it, the better your love and sex life becomes. It’s Virgo Season until September 23, and the Virgo Sun is activating your sector of merging and human psychology. You’re going to start to understand moments when you may have defined yourself as asexual, or when you may have put off intimacy in exchange for intellectualism. There’s a part of you that deeply fears the vulnerability that comes with human connection, but September is a month where you’ll be fiercely longing for it. The more you admit this to yourself, the easier it becomes for the Universe to give you what you want.

Spend the first 10 days of the month setting New Moon intentions getting clear about what your sex life would look like if you didn’t overthink it, and just lived in the moment. Your sector of intimacy and merging is activated by Virgo Season, and this allows you to slow down, listen to your lover(s), and focus on being mature in and out of the bedroom. There’s a high likelihood that your aloof and seemingly indifferent nature caused your partner(s) to feel confused abut where you stand with them, Aquarius. This month is providing you with the opportunity to practice greater transparency and openness in your connections. Not only will it make your bond stronger, it will increase your magnetism and people’s attraction to you.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 14th activates your sector of abundance and security. Someone you love deeply may feel ready for a change in your relationship (perhaps due to challenges in communication they had faced these past 6 months). It’s important for you to not react defensively if that’s the case. You’ll find yourself being ignited emotionally in a way that at first may make you want to run away or push your partner(s) away. But if you push through and ride the waves of this Full Moon, you’ll be in for a very sexy, magnetic and invigorating emotional and sexual awakening.

On the same day, Venus and Mercury both switch out of critical Virgo and enter airy Libra. With the Planet of Love and the Planet of Communication both in your element, you’ll be in the mood to explore, to experiment, to flirt, to woo, and to seduce. The second half of the month therefore becomes your sexual playground. Be as adventurous and open as possible. Some Aquarians may be into exploring polyamory, open relationships, threesomes, role-play, S&M, erotic fantasies, etc… Your expansion and adventure sector is activated by Libra energy, and once Libra Season begins on the 23rd, you’ll find yourself more turned on by those who can meet you on an intellectual and physical spectrum… You want to be able to talk all night long about all topics under the sun, without your partner getting bored. You’ll be able to attract that type of lover, or further explore your connection with a current one.

If you’re not in a sexual relationship this month, but you have a platonic one that means a lot to you, it’s possible that by the New Moon in Libra on the 28th there will be significant vibes between you two… The sexual tension will be real! Sex with a coworker at work or after work is possible, as well as connecting with someone while traveling in another city, state or country. Say yes to networking events as the month rounds out, because people will be drawn to your quirky and eccentric personality and they won’t be able to take their eyes off of you. This month is about releasing limiting beliefs surrounding love, and wowing yourself while exploring what your body needs to feel sexually blissed out. There’s no right or wrong answer, Aquarius. Make giving and receiving intentional sexual pleasure your priority.