Aries April

With your ruler Mars now in Aquarius this month, along with Saturn, the Teacher Planet,your sector of friendship and social networks is activated. This means that someone you previously friend zoned, or someone who previously friend zoned you, may all of a sudden become a much stronger sexual interest for you. Is this out of true desire or out of boredom? It’s up to you to be honest with yourself about that, Aries, particularly since it’s your birthday season up until April 19th. You’re the universal favorite when it comes to getting what or who you want — but that can only happen if you take the time to decide what it is that you want.

Your sex drive may have been full of inconsistencies while your ruler Mars was in Capricorn last month, and you may have found yourself more focused on your career than anything else. But now the month of April asks you to place professional matters more on the back burner and turn up the heat on all things regarding sex and intimacy. With Venus, the Planet of Love, in Gemini starting April 3rd, your sector of communication is activated, making you more flirtatious, charming and witty than ever. Use these gifts for good… you can be naughty of course, but try not to lead people on or else you could end up regretting it when they simply can’t let go of you.

Your intoxicating nature is quite clear this month, particularly during the first three weeks of April, when the Sun is in your sign. Your birthday season makes you a magnetic firecracker, full of charm and fuelled by a ferocious sex drive. With Mercury joining the Sun in your sign on April 11th, you’ll find it easier to admit your crushes to people as the second week of April takes off, and you’ll find that they admit that you’re often on their mind too. You knew that already, but it feels great to have them confirm it. Your ability to send steamy love notes, take fire ass nudes and leave your partner(s) awaiting your calls/texts increases tremendously during Mercury in Aries.You’ll be the premiere sexting partner on everyone’s consciousness, but few will make the cut when it comes to who gets access to igniting your libido. It’s like you’re living in a world of black and white, and only a select few admirers shine in color…

On April 7th, the Libra Full Moon takes place during your season and activates your sector of partnerships and marriage. Yes, some Aries may be feeling the urge to jump on someone that’s been making them go wild — but that may not be physically possible for many people around the world at this time. The Libra Full Moon is asking us to be creative with how we pursue our urges, and try to slow your roll in the wooing process — you may be so focused on hitting the home run that you lose sight of the big picture. It’s fun to just flirt without thinking of what’s next. It’s enticing to play truth or dare via sexts. This Full Moon energy could even have you coming up with an entirely new sex or hook-up game, particularly using your imaginations and merging your naughtiest thoughts with the ones of those you’re into.

With your ruler Mars, the Planet of Action, in Aquarius all month long, the way you go about connecting with people will feel more innovative, out-of-the-box, and unconventional than usual. People often expect you to be the forward, bold, and confident one, however, with your sector of friendship and social networks activated by Mars in Aquarius this month, you may feel ready for someone else to give you the green light and be the main one pursuing you or letting you know how turned on they are by you. It’s okay and actually recommended, for you to chill out and let others take the lead this month, Aries. It’s your birthday month — you deserve to be spoiled and serenaded to.

Once Taurus Season kickstarts on the 19th, followed by the Taurus New Moon on April 22, your sector of abundance and security is activated, making you more passionate and drawn to connecting with people who have hyped you up emotionally and physically these past few weeks. You won’t even have to spend that much time thinking about who those people are — you’ll know it just by the way they make you feel consistently. The Taurus New Moon is the ideal time to say yes to someone’s request to get to know you more profoundly… They may ask you out on a virtual FaceTime date, which may end up leaving you all hot and bothered due to the intense eye contact and sexual frustration that you’ll feel.

The key is to not self-sabotage as April ends, Aries. Even if your birthday season wasn’t as physically explosive as you would have hoped, don’t worry, you’ll have a re-do when you celebrate your half-bday during Libra Season this 2020. And your sexual needs are still able to be met under the sensual Taurus New Moon’s vibes, particularly as you visualize yourself giving and receiving pleasure. The imagination is a powerful tool, and this month it will make you come to terms with how irresistible you truly are. Fall in love with yourself and the way you make yourself feel, Aries. No one is a better lover than you are to yourself. Mmm.