Aries December

Aries, this is the first full month that your ruler Mars is direct in your sign since it started its retrograde in September. It’s also the last full month that Mars will be in Aries — it shifts into Taurus early next month, ending a six-month chapter of personal and sexual awakening for you. Whewww. December 2020 is likely to be a fantastic month for you sexually speaking, largely due to the fact that the Sun spends time in fiery Sagittarius for the first three weeks, and there’s a healing and deeply optimistic New Moon in Sag that takes place on the 15th and activates your sector of adventure, spirituality and expansion. If you’re riding solo as the month begins, chances are you’ll be kissing someone under the mistletoe or once the clock strikes 12 on January 1st, 2020. It’s eclipse season, which is a time of unexpected occurrences, and you’re open to being pleasantly surprised, both in and out of the bedroom. Let your sexual freak out, Aries. It’s time.

Your powers of attraction and magnetism are strong this month, especially due to Venus in Scorpio activating your sector of merging, depth and intimacy until December 15th. The first half of the month should be reserved for sexual exploration of the mystical, sensual, and psychological sort. With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, entering Sagittarius on December 1st, you’ll find yourself wanting to include candid communication in your foreplay, so playing games like truth or dare or never have I ever can serve to both make you and your lover(s) laugh more, and feel more at ease with each other as you discover more about each other, mentally, spiritually, and physically. The less seriously you take yourself and your lover(s), the more fun sex will be.

Even if you’ve been merging with someone familiar this year, now that we’re in eclipse season, so many surprises await and you may find that either you or the person you’re used to having sex with are acting brand new, particularly around the Sag New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 14th. This will be evident when it comes to the way you pursue your crush or want to be pursued. Suddenly, those legendary mind games you’re usually a pro at will feel boring. You’re in the mood for a lover who can claim you and whom you can fully claim, without worrying about if you’re going to be embarrassed. If you know who that lover is, use the period between December 14 – December 24th to boldly express yourself, Aries. Your partner(s), or potential lover(s) will be so deeply turned on by your ability to directly claim what and who you want.

There’s a chance that some of your romantic interests, or those who’d like to be a prospect in your roster, may find you intimidating this month, Aries. It’s not your job to dim your light to make others feel like they deserve you though, and eclipse season can sometimes usher unexpected change in our lives. In your case, you may have to let go of a situationship or sexual experience that may have been physically fulfilling but emotionally inconsistent. Once Venus shifts into Sagittarius on the 15th, you’ll feel ready to start a new sexual chapter, one where you only commit to connections where you feel a full body yes! When there’s no doubt about what your body, mind and soul wants, it becomes easier for you to vibrate in that frequency and attract that to you.

By the time Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, you will feel more at ease in the new version of yourself you’ve morphed into, and since Chiron will have ended its retrograde in your sign on the 15th, what you want sexually and spiritually will manifest, as if by magic. Either sex with a current lover will feel astronomically blessed, or a partner you’ve been subconsciously visualizing throughout the year will appear, either in-person, virtually, or a combo of both. The connection you both feel — even if it’s just profound eye-sex or hand-grazing — will leave you blown, in all senses of the word. You’re about to find an outlet for all that pent-up passion that’s existed within you all year long, and it’ll feel like the most fulfilling release of all time.