Aries December

Mars, your ruling planet, spends almost all month long in Pisces, activating your spirituality and healing sector. Then on December 31, it shifts into your sign, Aries, where it will remain for several weeks of 2019. Your mission this December is to let your sex and romantic life be filled with as much intimacy, spiritual connection, and soul-merging as possible. At first, words like these may freak you out, because you’re a Fire Sign and you tend to run away from things that are too mushy-mushy. But Mars in Pisces energy has had a transformative effect on you and the way you view sex and relationships. Even if you’re used to taking the more casual approach to love, this December you’ll be having much more intense desires than ever. Pay attention to your dreams — you’re likely to have profound sexual fantasies, perhaps about someone you didn’t even consciously know you were attracted to, and admitting what your secret desires are is the first step to manifesting them.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 7 provides the perfect opportunity to branch out sexually. If you travel between December 7 and 17th (the peak of the New Moon energy), it’s likely that your sex drive will increase, and any sexual interaction you have while on your trip will be very memorable. The New Moon is activating your sector of travel and long journeys, and since New Moon magic has a six-month activation period, it’s likely that by the corresponding Full Moon during Gemini Season 2019, you’ll either have a consistent sexual partner who goes on adventures with you near and far, or you’ll be deeply attracted to someone from a foreign country or background that’s different from your own. It’s also possible that if you’re currently boo’d up and satisfied with your current partner, you’ll spice up your sex life by looking at external sources as inspiration. For example, watching erotica with your partner could turn into you two replicating the experience and being even more turned-on by each other due to your daredevil risk-taking. The Sag New Moon will inspire you to recreate yourself, and that includes your sex life.

Once Capricorn Season begins on December 21, your attention turns to your career and how you can feel fulfilled by what you’re doing professionally. The more you allow yourself to feel confident at work, the more attractive you’ll be to others, and the better your sex life becomes. If you’re single, watch out for coworkers subtly (or not so subtly) coming on to you at holiday parties or by sending you flirty after-work texts. There’s something about the danger of hooking up with a coworker that will make you curious about what it’d be like, and you may end up fulfilling that fantasy before the end of the year. You are known as the most courageous and go-getter sign of the zodiac, Aries, so live up to your reputation this month by not second-guessing yourself and your sexual desires. Don’t worry about what’s viewed as socially acceptable. Instead, tune into what your own sexual standards and desires are, and prioritize them above all.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 22nd activates your sector of roots, the past, and family. If you’ve felt like you’ve had sexual blockages that you’ve been trying to heal and recover from, you may have a tremendous breakthrough between December 18 and December 26 (you feel the energy of a Full Moon most intensely during the four days prior and after the full moon). Whether it’s through therapy, yoga, meditation or journaling, you’ll get to the root of a sexual or romantic experience that may have caused you to be overly cautious, suspicious or self-protective. Suddenly, you’ll be able to purge any dead weight or pain you’ve been holding on to, and you’ll feel ready to redefine what your sexual experiences can look and feel like once you’re not clinging to insecurities or trauma. That doesn’t mean you’ll never think back on the past again, but it does mean that you won’t be defined by it. Due to this powerful emotional purge, your sex drive is likely to increase ten fold during the final 10 days of the year. And just your luck — on December 31, Mars, the Planet of Action, leaves Pisces and enters your zodiac sign to kick off the new year. You’ll become the zodiac’s celestial favorite. Admirers will come out of the woodwork and current flings will be more drawn to you than ever. New Year’s Eve will be a highly sexual and unforgettable evening, so look and feel your best to round out 2018. And have great sex too!