Aries February

Vulnerability and authenticity, in and out of the bedroom, will make this February 2020 a month to remember for you, Aries. Venus, the Planet of Love, enters your sign on February 7, making you a universal favorite when it comes to who people seek to merge with and make love to. But just because you have many options doesn’t mean you must entertain them all at once. You may be in the mood to play the field during the first two weeks of the year, when Mars in Sag is encouraging free-spirited behavior.

By mid-month, your ruler Mars will have shifted into Capricorn, activating your career sector. You’ll be turned on by someone who can stand by your side as you navigate tremendous career milestones, and someone who is a superstar of their own in their career. It’s possible that love and work will mix this month, and while that can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Aim for it to be fun and dangerous… Dangerously fun. That’s the essence of Venus in your sign combined with the Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces energy dominating the month of February.

The Leo Full Moon on the 9th is one of the most dynamic and exciting of the year for you, Aries. But watch out, because your ego and pride may be at all all-time high. There may be a lover or crush who’s been on your mind non-stop, particularly for the past six months. You may be having vivid, naughty fantasies about tearing their clothes off and licking every inch of their body. They may be the one you think of when you’re at bed at night, touching yourself and coming. Yet you may be playing it too cool for school and hardly giving them the time of day, because deep down, even though you come off as hella secure and confident, you do harbor profound insecurities and often want the reassurance of your lover’s commitment to you and your relationship. But how will they know that if your actions completely contradict your desires?

Mercury Retrograde begins the 16th, in the sign of Pisces, and that will be the ideal time to answer such a question. Suddenly, you’ll notice yourself slowing down sexually and romantically, and if you’re single you won’t be out here seducing others or getting seduced just for the sake of it. Something is telling you to fall back, while still opening up. Let others come to you. Let yourself be intentionally pursued. And pay attention to your dreams — particularly the sex dreams you have during Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

The Pisces New Moon on the 23rd activates your spirituality and healing sector, and since Mercury will have been retrograde since the 16th, it can lead to you connecting with someone from your past in one of the dreamiest and most romantic ways possible. A weekend getaway to a resort, or a weekend spent at home getting to know the new versions of yourselves may lead to you two taking part in sexual rides, deepening the bonds in a sexual and metaphysical way. You’ll both have the ability to turn each other on simply through conversation and eye contact, so even if there’s no penetration or actual sex, just being together will feel like sex in itself. Of course, this only happens if you allow it to, Aries. New Moons start fresh chapters in our lives, so it’s quite possible that you can let go of previous chapters and be astounded by what your new connection morphs into. This takes trust, vulnerability, and leaps of faith, though. It takes understanding that having sex with them may be exciting and orgasmic, but it’s also the spiritual foreplay and the post-sex cuddling and continued vulnerability that will ensure its longevity. The end of the month isn’t the time to hit it and quit it, it’s the time to be in it, like really really in it.

Venus being in your sign this month guarantees that if you’re in the mood for sex, it will be wild, ferocious and leave both you and your partner(s) out of breath. Mercury being in Pisces encourages you to view sex as more than just physical pleasure, and Mars in Capricorn asks you to remember the implications of merging with someone sexually this month. You can’t just be out here giving people a taste of you and then expecting them to keep going on with their lives as though you haven’t fully shaken them to the core. This is the month where they’ll literally be begging you for more. Use your powers wisely…