Aries November

Ready for your sexual fantasies to become tangible realities, Aries? Mars, your ruling planet, has been in Libra for the past few weeks, placing love and intimacy at the forefront of your mind. You’ve been hornier, sexier, and more drawn to understanding yourself through your connections. With Mars in your partnership sector until November 19, this month is one of the most powerful months for getting your relationships aligned with what you really feel and who you really want to be with. That means taking off the masks. That means stopping the games. That means revealing who you are so that you can be matched with energy that will help you ascend.

Even if Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is retrograde for most of the month, you can still make great strides when it comes to the type of lover and sexual partner you are. This is especially true if you end up merging with someone from your past or someone you’ve connected with frequently this year. Mercury Retrograde will have you looking back at situations in your life where you were the most sexually blissed out. How many times did you self-sabotage instead of letting love in?

The recent Scorpio New Moon that took place at the end of October activated your sector of depth and intimacy, and you’ll be feeling the effects of this New Moon for the next six months to come. However it is the seeds that you plant and the actions that you take by November 7th that have the best chance of manifesting. Since your sector of intimacy is activated, you should set New Moon intentions regarding the type of soul-stirring sex you want to have. And then you should take bold action by November 7th to initiate it. Whether that means setting up recurring dates with your boo thing, buying yourself a new sex toy, or indulging in more frequent sexual fantasies as you pleasure yourself, only you know what constitutes a sexually satisfying experience for you, and as long as you take one step towards prioritizing that, the Universe will give you more of what you’re asking for.

The Taurus Full Moon on November 12th activates your sector of abundance and security. This is one of the most erotic Full Moons of the year, and you will be feeling horny AF. Make sure that you have some outlet for this intense sexual desire that may wash over you on November 8 – 16th. The worst thing you could do is pretend to not desire someone when in fact you’re dreaming of being with them. Be open about what makes you feel safe, what makes you feel wanted, what makes you feel hot and bothered during this Full Moon. It’s all making itself abundantly clear to you so that you no longer deny yourself what you deserve. It’s up to you to gift yourself what you deserve.

Now of course, there’s always the possibility that you may fantasize about something or someone, and they may seem unattainable or emotionally unavailable. The irony is that you’re often the one people label as being that way, but hardly anyone gets how sensitive you really are. The Taurus Full Moon will help you reveal more of your vulnerabilities, and your admirers (both those who are known and unknown) will find it really sexy.

That’s what you need to understand, Aries. Sometimes the Universe presents you with what you need, not what you want. So before making any rash decisions about someone’s presence (or lack thereof) in your life, get curious about what your soul’s trying to tell you it needs. If you need more stability and trust in your life, the Universe won’t send a f*ck-human your way. They’ll send you a charming cosmic being, but you may be too busy protecting yourself to let love in and have bomb sex.

This is your cosmic reminder that once Sag Season starts on November 22, you should release your inhibitions and let down your guard. You come alive when the Sun is in a fellow fire sign, and people find you irresistible and magnetic AF. Sag Season brings out your wilder, daring, freaky side, so schedule your cuffing season adventures and escapades for Nov 22 – 30 — you’ll have wild rides and nights to remember.