Aries October

October is the month it all changes for you sexually and emotionally, Aries. There’s a fiery full moon in your sign on the 13th, and the days leading up to it will feel filled with magnetic, alluring energy, taunting you as you navigate the constant twists and turns in your love life. So many people have been making assumptions about you and your intentions, but this is the month where you’ll finally feel aligned with what you want, and you’ll be ready to express it — but only when you decide to, and to whom you decide to.

Chiron, an asteroid that represents our inner wounds, has been retrograde in your sign for the past few months, and this is causing you to undergo subconscious shifts in your personality. These changes may baffle you, and they may also trigger insecurities in those around you because they may have sensed you being more distant or less approachable. It’s not that you don’t want sex or intimacy, but it’s that you may have felt an inner conflict regarding when to have it, who to have it with, and why you want to have it in the first place.

The Libra New Moon that took place at the end of September will continue to be felt throughout October 8th, and since it’s activating your partnership sector, you may have an important discussion with yourself during the first 8 days of October, where you hold yourself accountable for times when you played games with past or current lovers, either for attention, or due to your own states of flux or confusion. There’s no need to beat yourself about it, because you’re an evolutionary being. That was then, and this is now. So the question now is, now that you know better, how do you plan on intentionally doing better? You can have this conversation with yourself, with a therapist, a trusted friend, or your current/past partner(s) if you so choose. The important thing is to have it, honestly and straight-forwardly, so that you can heal from karmic experiences and continue to manifest a spiritually and physically nourishing love and sex life.

For Aries who are coupled, the Aries Full Moon on the 13th may bring out an animalistic, hyper sexual side of you, and you may be more aggressive and dominant in bed than before. Be sure to communicate your heightened sex drive with your partner so that you don’t catch them off guard. You’ll be in the mood to last all night, and they may need a breather (or two!) to catch up with you. You’ll be at the top of your game mid-month, but that doesn’t mean you have to play mind games or use sex as a way to manipulate people, Aries.

Yes, everyone knows that you’re a sex god/goddess, and there are even some partners out there who may be hooked on you for that reason. They can’t get enough of your goods! But if you’re not really as into them as they are into you, make sure you’re not keeping them around just for attention or validation. Be honest with them — no need to ghost — and let them move on (even though they may need to go to Aries rehab in the process).

You may be nursing a broken heart yourself around the Full Moon, but no one would necessarily know it because on the surface you seem like the life of the party and you give the impression of being A-okay. But once Scorpio Season starts on the 23rd, followed by the Scorpio New Moon on the 27th, you will realize just how sensitive you’ve truly been feeling this month. If your heart has been missing a connection with someone special, you may feel ready to reach out them around the end of the month, even if your pride has tried to stop you from doing so. The sexual reconnection will be mind-blowing, but don’t rush to get to that part of your union yet. There will be important conversations to be had, and these can serve as foreplay. Prolonged eye contact, soft grazes against each other’s skin, holding on to each other just for a few seconds longer than usual as you hug hello… Non-verbal communication will be an immense turn-on during Scorpio Season, and you should get comfortable exploring that realm of sexual tension. There’s a whole new world out there, ready for you to dive in and play.