Aries November

Aries, your ruler Mars finally ends its retrograde in your sign on November 13th. Mars rules sex, so if your sex life has felt a bit off or dull since Mars retrograde began on September 9th, you’ll be noticing things starting to slowly pick up their pace this month. Keep in mind that Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, is also retrograde in your sign until December (and remains in your sign for several years), so you’ve been going through it, Aries. Sexual healing is therefore an ideal remedy for the intensity you’ve had to navigate these past few months. Scorpio Season and sexual healing is synonymous, and since both you and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, you’ll find that during Scorpio Season you start emulating more Scorpio energy. Mars’ shift direct on the 13th will have you increasing your sexual stamina, magnetism, and overall sexual intentions. If you’ve been going back and forth with a lover, unsure of what you want, and therefore not as sexually committed as you could be, Mars’ shift direct will provide you with the “aha” moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ll know if you’re in the mood to deepen the connection or if you’d rather ride solo.

If Mars Retrograde has served to deepen your attraction to your own self, this Scorpio Season you may spend more time self-pleasuring and figuring out what it takes to truly turn you on. Yes, you can have an endless amount of attention from other suitors, but there’s something about knowing you can take care of your own needs that will feel deeply stimulating to you, particularly on November 15th and the ten days that follow, when the New Moon in Scorpio takes place in your 8th house of depth and intimacy. As you deepen your sexual connection with self, you’ll become more aware of exactly what you want from your connections with others. It’ll feel mesmerizing and out of this world.

Use the Scorpio New Moon on the 15th to get specific about how you’d like to be f*cked, Aries. If you’d rather a sensual, slow love-making style, start visualizing yourself being treated like the Emperor / Empress that you are. What kind of music would be playing? What essential oils would you want to be covered in? Perhaps you’re seeking a naughtier, friskier and dirtier sexual exchange to round out the year. Get specific about how much you’d want your ass slapped or back scratched.

If you’re already boo’d up, play show and tell with each other. Overly communicate your needs to each other now that Mercury’s no longer retrograde in your partnership sector. This is the month where you feel seen and you’re unafraid of making yourself (or your screams, squeals, sighs, and moans) heard. Mercury shifts back into Scorpio on the 10th, and your mind will feel erotic and filled with fantasies — there’s no reason to keep those fantasies to yourself. Ask and you shall receive.

Once Sag Season begins on the 21st, followed by Neptune’s shift direct in Pisces on the 28th, you’ll find yourself being more direct with your lover or crush. If during Scorpio Season you were letting your non-verbal sensuality lead the way, it’ll now be met with bolder declarations and aggressive demands. Your lover(s) will enjoy this more spontaneous side of you, both in and out of the bedroom. You’ll have plenty of tricks up your sleeve by the time the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini takes place on the final day of November. Whatever sex is had around this full moon is likely to feel profoundly healing and hilarious at the same time, because you’ll feel ready to fully immerse yourself in the experience and not push away the pleasure you’ve been seeking since Mars Retrograde began.