aries september

Welcome to September, Aries. A month that may at first throw you out of your comfort zone sexually speaking, largely due to the fact that the Sun spends the first three weeks in the grounded, practical Earth sign of Virgo. This is quite the shift from the fiery, flirtatious vibes of Leo Season which were getting you all riled up and attracting non-stop attention your way. With the Sun in Virgo, you may notice that your sexual needs become more predictable, which is a bit shocking for your spontaneous sign. Your health, routine and service sector will be activated by the Virgo Sun, so from September 1 to September 22 those are the main themes that will be on your mind. While your sign is often known for being more selfish or self-centered, people will notice how much more attention you give them during the first three weeks of the month. Sexually speaking, you’ll be more focused on pleasing your partner than on being pleased! You’ll be paying attention to the smallest details, such as if they’re in a bad mood or sad, and you’ll bring it to their attention, eager to help them cheer up.

Your sexual satisfaction in September is also directly linked to your professional happiness, Aries.

You’ll be focused and driven to excel in your work life, and the more satisfied you are in that aspect of life, the higher your libido will be. Your sex partner(s) will have to understand that about you. If you’re running late on a certain deadline for example, that’s going to be on your mind when you’re having sex, and you just won’t be as into it. As much as you may want to turn your mind off and stop thinking about work, the energy of Virgo Season will amplify it. The solution is therefore to kickass at work so that you can enjoy your sex life without stress. It’s also a possibility that a workplace connection may emerge during Virgo Season. Sex in the office after hours, anyone? Your attraction to a coworker (or even your boss!) may increase during Virgo Season, and you may find yourself fantasizing about them at work. Ooh la la.

On September 6, a major astrological milestone takes place as Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, ends its 5-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. This retrograde was affecting your social status and reputation sector, Aries, so you may have attracted a few frenemies or haters during this transit. But now that it’ll be direct, people will start to view you in a more positive light, which means that your secret admirers may be coming from out of the woodwork and wooing you, eager to connect with your physically. Saturn being direct in this area of your chart will make you more selective when it comes to your sexual partners, and this may come as a surprise to people who are used to you being more promiscuous and down for anything.

Venus’ entrance into Scorpio is also a game-changer for you, sexually, Aries. Both you and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, the Planet of Action and Passion. Venus enters Scorpio on September 9 for an extended stay, and this coincides with the Virgo New Moon happening on that same day. Your sector of sex, intimacy, depth and merging will be highlighted during the Venus in Scorpio transit, and you may find yourself consumed with obsessive thoughts about a sexual partner. You may feel the urge to be consumed by them, and you can even get super jealous or possessive if you see them with anyone else! Your sex drive and stamina will increase dramatically due to this transit, and your sexual fantasies will dominate your mind. Any sexual interaction you have around this time will be quite lusty, naughty and unforgettable. You may even indulge in an affair if you give into your impulsive whims.

Once the Sun enters Libra on September 22, it highlights your partnership sector, and your more carefree and flirtatious side emerges, helping tame some of the intensity of Venus in Scorpio. Get ready to generate attention from all sorts of people — past lovers, current flings, strangers on the street… Your sex appeal will be through the roof and people will want you all to themselves. You, on the other hand, may enjoy keeping your options open during Venus’ transit through your opposite sign of the zodiac. This may be a time where you’re less selective sexually, and you enjoy simply going with the flow when it comes to whom you have sex with, and when. Go get ‘em, Aries.