Aries July

Welcome to July, Aries! Your ruling planet Mars shifts out of sensitive and moody Cancer on the first of the month, and enters the passionate, confident Fire sign of Leo. This is great for your sexual stamina and your relationships. You feel at ease when Mars is in a fiery element. Mars in Cancer may have made your love life so much more emotional last month, and while it will continue to be this month, you’ll find yourself more in tune with your body and less stuck in your feelings. Mars in Leo will help you prioritize your needs, even more than usual. But it can also make you come off as more selfish in love, so make sure that you’re taking your partner’s needs into account, both in and out of the bedroom.

It’s officially eclipse season, which means that nothing about our love lives is predictable right now. You’ll first notice this around July 2, when the first Total Solar Eclipse since 2017 takes place, in the sign of Cancer. This activates your sector of roots, the past, family and foundation. As much as you’re known for being a flirt who can’t be tamed, you may suddenly find yourself overcome with a strong desire for intimacy, and long-term connections with this Solar Eclipse in Cancer. If you’re already in a relationship, you may find yourself falling more in love during this eclipse passage and all of Cancer Season in general. You won’t just be having sex — you’ll be making love, and fully diving in head first.

It’s going to be an orgasmic, but also emotional time for you. You may have to face truths about how you feel about someone, and just how committed you want to be with them. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is the perfect time to set intentions regarding how to cultivate more intimacy — not just sexually but spiritually and practically — with the lover(s) in your life. Venus, the Planet of Love, will enter Cancer one day after the eclipse, intensifying these feelings, so be prepared.

If you’re single or in a situationship, this eclipse season will make you feel like you no longer want to be in limbo with yourself or others. It’s going to help you admit if you’ve been playing mind games or keeping up your guard. Sexually, you’ll be in the mood to merge, but also just cuddle and sleep next to someone whose energy vibes with you. It’s a good time to meet new people and go out on dates, but once Mercury Retrograde begins on the 7th, you may want to focus your attention on people who are already in your life rather than continually bringing more people into it. Minimize drama and confusion, and focus on quality over quantity. This may mean you may not be in the mood to juggle many potential baes or play the field. You’re in the mood to merge with someone who doesn’t make you fear intimacy, but who also encourages your freedom.

It’s retrograde season, and since Mercury goes retrograde on the 7th, and Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, goes retrograde on the 8th, a part of you may be thinking of having sex with an ex this month. It may actually happen for some of you, even if you’ve been resisting connecting with them (but have secretly been obsessing over them). Remember that they’re no “wrong” or “right” actions or decisions — but there are actions that feel right to you in the now moment. Retrograde season will help you keep things in perspective and not just let the sex reel you back in. Make sure there’s substance and potential with your ex, or if you know it’s just a one-time thing, then make that clear to them too to avoid retrograde confusion or chaos.

The second half of the month, the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn may lead to you making major moves at work, and accomplishing a major milestone. This will turn you on sexually, and there’s a potential for a workplace romance to bloom if it’s been bubbling under the surface for the past six months. Another possibility may be that you meet someone at a networking event, and the sexual connection between you would be undeniable and very strong. Once Leo Season begins on the 22nd, followed by Venus entering Leo the 27th, and the New Moon in Leo on the 31st, you’ll be feeling sexually and emotionally rejuvenated. Your sector of fun, fate and true love will be activated, so you’ll be more carefree and uninhibited, in and out of the bedroom. Single Aries may meet someone they really like, or reconnect with a past flame and have an out-of-this-world experience. End the month by keeping your heart open and your sexual needs satisfied.