Aries September

Aries, you’ve been growing and maturing so much as a lover this year, and September is a month of sexual and emotional rewards. First, the Virgo New Moon kicks off the month and activates your sector of health and wellness until September 23. You’ll be taking your relationship with yourself and others more seriously at this time — you’re focused on quality over quantity. Even if you have a million options for who you can sleep with, there will only be a select few people on your mind during Virgo Season. You’ll take the time to make it clear to them that they’re on your mind and that you’re turned on by the thought of them. The more you keep it real, the better you both feel. Sex this month will feel bomb, especially when coupled with transparency.

The 14th, the Pisces Full Moon activates your spirituality and healing sector, bringing an end to a six-month cycle of confusion in your sex and love life concerning what you really want. You may have been navigating more than 1 sexual relationship since the year started (or daydreaming of doing so), and perhaps you’re seeking greater emotional, sexual and spiritual stability around this Full Moon. It’s going to bring out emotions within you that you had previously buried or denied. But once you face them, and communicate with your partner(s) about them, you’ll feel so much better, and your bond will be so much deeper. It’s important to make sure that you’re prioritizing the person or people who you really feel deep sexual, magnetic and emotional ties with. Not just those who give you the most attention or are the flashiest… Quality over quantity.

The 18th, Saturn ends its retrograde in your career sector, and this allows you to feel more empowered at work. When you’re confident at work, you’re also confident in the bedroom. You may finally feel like you’re making progress the way you’ve been wanting to, and this will increase your sex appeal and overall magnetism. Someone you meet at work or a work-related event may be on your mind this month, and you may exchange flirtatious glances or communication with each other. You’re the type of sign that loves pushing the limits of what’s possible, and you love a healthy challenge. It’ll feel naughty to explore your sexual connection with someone in a professional setting, but doing so will be an immense turn-on. If your body and soul are aligned in this mission, why stop yourself from having a good time?

During the second half of the month, both Venus, the Planet of Love, and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be in Libra, activating your partnership sector. This means sex and connection will be on your mind more than usual, and it’ll be harder for you to focus on practical concerns without getting lost in a fantasy or getting distracted by a sext. Instead of fighting it, dive into this, especially during Libra Season, which starts September 23. You may notice yourself feeling more light-hearted and charming during Libra Season. Even though Virgo Season had you seeking more stability, Libra Season makes you more airy and carefree. Just make sure that you keep your partner(s) in the loop if you’re craving more space to do your own thing or explore other people, especially if you’re non-exclusive or polyamorous. Take the lead by treating your lover(s) the way you’d like to be treated.

Once the Libra New Moon takes place the 28th, you’ll be in a prime position to reinvent yourself sexually and romantically. Try out new positions in bed, be inspired by an erotic movie or novel, ask your partner how daring they really are. Vocalize your needs and take control as much as your body is seeking (while respecting your lover’s body and boundaries, of course). You’ll end the month feeling like you can have whatever you want romantically and sexually, as long as you’re brave enough to admit it to yourself, and stand by what you’ve expressed. You can either remain in your comfort zone, or you can get a bit freakier and manifest bomb ass, unforgettable sex with the right person/people. It’s your call.