Aries March

Happy March, Aries! Your birthday season begins this month, so your focus should be to feel liberated in all aspects — romantically, sexually, spiritually, physically, intellectually and financially. But before we get to the big day (which is also the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere), you’ll have to navigate the first three weeks of March with the Pisces Sun activating your spirituality and healing sector. As a Mars-ruled sign, you tend to love sex, as long as your partner can keep up with you and your powerful, often impulsive urges. But the Pisces Sun may make you slow your roll for most of the month. Suddenly you aren’t going to be as focused on pursuing or having sex just for the sake of it (like you usually are). Instead, a part of your soul will be deeply craving emotional commitment with someone, and it’s only when that feels secure that you’ll truly be present in the sexual experience.

Mercury, Planet of Communication, goes retrograde from the 5th to 28th of March, and this takes place in the sign of Pisces. It’ll be hard for you to focus on being productive during this transit. Instead, you may find your thoughts drifting to the one that got away, or even having flashbacks to sex that you’ll never forget. While it’s easy for waves of nostalgia to wash over you this retrograde, don’t let them paralyze you or keep you stagnant in unhealthy partnerships. Mercury retrograde is the time of year where you can be tempted to hit up an ex or let someone back into your life. Try not to make any impulsive decisions either way. If someone shows up and you feel a strong connection (and aren’t triggered by them), then it may be beneficial to let your body do the talking and see where things take you after you hook up. But if you’re getting red flags and you inherently know that it’s a no-go, don’t let the sex appeal or sexual tension lead to you doing something you’ll later regret. Practice self-control as much as you can, even if you’re super horny this month, Aries.

Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, ends its 7-year transit through your sign on March 6. This is a tremendous time for you, Aries. With Uranus in your sign ever since 2011, you experienced a tremendous personal evolution and sexual revolution — more than any other zodiac sign. Think back to where you were back then, and what your romantic and sexual mindset was like. Chances are that you feel more free, liberated and empowered at this stage of your life, even though your personal insecurities still pop up from time to time. Uranus’ shift into Taurus will activate your security sector for the next 7 years, which means that while a part of you will be seeking greater commitment and focused on quality rather than quantity, another part of you may deeply fear being vulnerable and intimate, and this may have an effect on your love life.

Take time around the Pisces New Moon (that also takes place on the 6th), to become clear about the root of your most exhilarating sexual fantasies. Ask yourself what’s standing in the way of you manifesting them, especially within the next 6 months. If there’s anyone who’s bold enough to go after what they want, it’s you Aries. While Mercury Retrograde may make you feel a bit uncertain, the Pisces New Moon gives you permission to daydream and fantasize until you have an “aha” moment. Pay attention to the dreams that pop up around this New Moon, because you may dream of the person whom you’d really like to have sex with. Even if you’re single and the person appears to be a “stranger”, the Pisces energy is so mystical that you may end up manifesting someone that looks very similar to who was in your dream, or who has similar characteristics. Your intuition can very much lead you to have some mind-blowing sex between March 6 and 16th, so don’t hold back from making your move if the ideal partner manifests. If you’re already in a relationship, this New Moon provides a spiritual renewal for you and your partner and you may find yourself closer than ever, willing to explore each other’s kinky desires and take each other to new levels of ecstasy. This would be a good time to try tantric sex and to slow your roll and focus on more than just physical pleasure. Spiritual merging is the ultimate goal of lovemaking, so don’t be afraid of getting deep, vulnerable and peeling back the layers. The closer you feel to your partner and the more you trust them, the more orgasmic your connection.

Once your birthday season begins on March 20, all eyes will be on you and it’ll be easier than ever to get what you want. But Mercury remains retrograde until the 28, so it may not be until April that you feel like you’ve completely gotten your mojo back. Nevertheless, Aries Season represents the astrological new year, so this is definitely the time to think of your personal evolution, the relationships and situationships that must be released, and which ones must be invited into your life. The Libra Full Moon takes place the 20th as well, lighting up your partnership and marriage sector. Even if you were taking sex casually, you may find yourself going back and forth with your partner about where you’re heading. There’s no need to make major decisions during Mercury retrograde, but end the month with the intention to not lead anyone on or use sex as a tool of manipulation (even if you’re doing so unconsciously). Start off your birthday season with the intention to slay in all aspects of life — and to rock the world of whoever’s lucky enough to indulge in birthday sex with you.