Aries May

Welcome to May, Aries! With both Venus and Mercury in your sign as the month begins, you’ll start off the month feeling horny, sexy, and empowered. It may be retrograde season, but you’re ready to pounce on what’s yours (or what you’d like to be yours). Your ability to have soul-stirring, supremely stimulating sex increases this month, but you’ll have to be intentional about which partner(s) you’d like to engage in such acts with. You’ll always have your share of suitors, but which one(s) are really worth it? Which ones light you up and spark profound joy, both physically and sentimentally?

By the Taurus New Moon on the 4th, you will start to have answers to some of your questions. Your ideal sex partner is someone with whom you can have bomb sex and also with whom you can write a bomb business plan. If you’ve already manifested that type of situation, the Taurus New Moon will take things to the next level. You may end up having spontaneous sex on the dining room table after a long night of brainstorming the next strategy for growing your empire. If you’re looking for this kind of love, go to business or entrepreneurial meet-ups, as well as events that have to do with your hobbies or passions.

Chances are that with Venus in your sign the first half of the month, you’ll attract a partner vibrationally aligned with you. They’ll pick up on your raw sexuality and your dynamic energy, and even if you don’t end up hooking up immediately, the spark will be strongly felt and you’ll know that the connection is real. You’re turned on by go-getters, and that’s exactly the type of energy you’re seeking this month. Make sure to set New Moon intention between the 4th and 14th — these will clearly let the Universe know the type of sex you’d like to have these next 6 months, and the type of vibe you’d like partner(s) to have as well.

On the 15th, Venus shifts out of your sign and enters Taurus, while Mars, your ruling planet of action, shifts out of Gemini and enters Cancer. With Mars in Cancer, you’ll notice yourself being more sensitive to other people’s needs, especially in bed. You tend to put yourself and your primal needs first, without even thinking about it. This makes you an assertive and confident lover. Venus’ shift into a more grounded and practical sign, combined with Mars’ shift into a sensitive, watery sign, will highlight cases where cultivating deeper emotional connections has an influence on sex, even if you have the ability to mainly focus on the physical side of sex. You may find yourself having pillow talk with your partner(s) during the second half of May, divulging secrets that you’ve never shared with anyone else. The more you let down your guard, the better the sex between you and your partner will be, even if you’ve been together for years. Go deeper, Aries… Go deeper.

If you’ve been purposefully taking a break from sex, or simply feeling like it’s not on the horizon for you, wait until the Scorpio Full Moon takes place on the 18th before ruling it off completely. Some major sexual awakening will take place for you between the 14th and 22nd of May (the period of time when we feel the Full Moon energy most). Think back to where you were around November 2018, and what your love and sex life was like back then. You may realize that you’ve matured significantly and that you’re not as much of a heartbreaker as you were before. You may not have been breaking hearts purposefully, but you may have unconsciously viewed love and sex as more of a game than you do now… The Scorpio Full Moon will bring out a more sensual, profound and magnetic side of you. People will notice the depths in your eyes and sensitivity in your touch, and they just won’t be able to get enough of you. Be intentional about who you share your mind, body and soul with as the month ends, Aries, but always remember to have fun, stay safe, and make sexual pleasure your reality.