Cancer August

Birthday sex part two, anyone? There’s nothing like sex with a Cancer when Venus, the Planet of Love, is in Cancer. Venus shifts into your sign on the 7th, making you one of the most irresistible beings on Earth right now, Cancer. This isn’t the time to be all shy and humble about it either. Especially if you’ve felt horny AF during these quarantimes. This is the month where you redeem yourself. You can let out your most naughty side and let your desires be known from the rooftops. Do not, and I repeat, do not, tame yourself or your primal urges. Sex is something that oozes from your pores when you’re in your element, and anytime there’s an eclipse involved, you feel supercharged with sexual and creative energy.

Someone may view you as their muse this month, Cancer, and they may make that abundantly clear to you. You may literally inspire a painting (a series of sensual nudes, perhaps?) or other form of artwork that’s both expressive spiritually and sexually inducing. This season, you’re able to come alive in the bedroom in a liberating way. If you’re already boo’d up and are able to see your lover(s) consistently, you won’t be able to keep your hands, eyes, and mouths off of each other, especially due to the Aquarius Full Moon that took place on the 3rd and that will be felt during the first two weeks of August. That activated your sector of depth and intimacy, making you see and understand what and who you’re craving.

If you’re dating or newly connecting with someone sexually, this month a part of you may be skeptical about the strength of your connection, or you may find yourself often looking behind your shoulder, wondering when you’ll be disappointed. That’s because there are several generational planets currently retrograde in Capricorn, and this activate your partnership sector and might highlight insecurities. A part of you may wonder if current situations are too good to be true. The truth is, you might be right. Humans aren’t perfect, so holding a perfect ideal about them, or about yourself, is bound to lead to disappointment. However there’s no point making up scenarios in your mind about what you don’t want to happen — most of what you’re worried about is all an illusion, and that will become clear to you soon. Use Uranus’ retrograde on the 15th to re-imagine a sex life for yourself where you don’t doubt your blessings or the strength of your connections. Do you realize how sexy you are? Not only physically, but your soul is lit too.

Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, has been retrograde in Aries since July 11th, and this five-month transit activates your sector of reputation and career. This month single Cancers may find that they reconnect with someone via a professional opportunity or setting, and things can get heated quite quickly once you do reunite. Whether it’s a LinkedIn message exchange that turns into a physical rendezvous, the Universe wants you to be bolder and more aggressive in the pursuit of what/who you want, and that may play out when it comes to the way you have sex. Leo Season combined with Mars’ placement in Aries will lead to you wanting to take control in the bedroom, and also be dominated. People may be shook by how vocal you are in bed now that Mercury is in Leo too. You’re no longer focused on meeting other people’s needs first — your more selfish side is emerging and you won’t tame it down one bit. We love to see it! Keep this energy going, especially around the Leo New Moon on the 18th, followed by the start of Virgo Season on the 22nd. You may end the month appearing to be calm and serious, but internally you’ll already be manifesting your next sexscapades. You can’t be stopped once your flames are ignited, and the right one(s) are ready to ignite them for you, all day, and all night long.