Cancer December

The Sag New Moon that took place last month has made you so much more aware of your sexual and emotional health, Cancer. You’re realizing that there are times when you pushed away love or intimacy, just because someone seemed to be inconsistent or didn’t meet your love language. The Sag New Moon’s energy lasts until 12/12, and it’s asking you to be honest about how your own personal insecurities can be a major cock block in your connections.

How many times have you pretended you were over someone that you actually couldn’t stop sexually fantasizing about? How many times have you let passive-aggressive attitudes stop you from letting your lover(s), crush(es) or bae(s) know what you really feel about them, and what you specifically want them to do to you and your body? It’s Sag Season for the first three weeks of the month, and that’s letting your outspoken nature come out to play… It’s especially during moments when you think that you should keep your desires to yourself that you should vocalize them. Vulnerability will turn you on.

The Gemini Full Moon on 12/12 activates your sector of spirituality and healing. Chances are, someone from your past may emerge around this Full Moon, and since you’re ruled by the Moon you will feel its energy more than ever. Just because someone is from your past doesn’t meant they immediately have to be cut off, Cancer… With Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, now direct in Pisces, your ability to forgive both yourself and others are enhanced. If your intuition has been telling you to let love in, even if your pride previously cut them off “forever”, then this month you may follow your mind (and body’s) yearnings and dare to start fresh with someone. The sex will feel brand new too!

Another possibility during the Gemini Full Moon is that you’ll let go of toxic connections that have long expired. Yes, even if the sex is bomb, you’ll have to make room for fresh 2020 sexual energy. As a Cancer, it can feel tremendously difficult to let go of what’s familiar, but now that Venus, the Planet of Love, is in Capricorn until December 20th, you’ll be able to look at life more practically. You’re realizing that people aren’t mind-readers, even if at times they can pick up on your energy and know what it takes to please you sexually and emotionally. They’ll appreciate you breaking it down for them, and showing them too. Literally take your lover’s hands, or fingers, and place them where you want them to be on your body. Have them do the same to you. Verbally express your pleasure so they know when to go harder, faster, softer, or stronger.

In order to get what you want, you have to know what you want, and you can’t be afraid of expressing what you want. Venus in Capricorn is going to help your more assertive and aggressive side come out in the bedroom. You’ll be spanking, dominating, and ruling the sexual experience, and it will both shock and stimulate your lover(s). Dare to push the limits in the bedroom, Cancer. Dare to explore the peaks of ecstasy that are possible when you let yourself be sexually vulnerable.

Once Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, your partnership sector is activated, and this may be some of the most exciting times for you sexually and emotionally. You may feel seen and ultra-sensual during Capricorn Season, but a part of you may still find it challenging to let down your guard, especially if you’ve connected with someone where the sex is amazing, the conversation is amazing, the dates are amazing, and yet it ultimately seems too good to be true. Use the days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th to let go of any reasons why you wouldn’t view yourself as worthy as manifesting a bomb sex and love life. Once the eclipse strikes, it’s a magical time to visualize yourself having the best sex of your life, with a partner whose energy is electrifying and feels like your ideal vibrational match.

As we approach 2020 sex and intimacy will begin to feel surreal to you, but in a deeply grounding way that helps you get in touch with your own sexuality first and foremost. We all come from sex, Cancer, and as one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, you will enjoy this month’s focus on love and relationships. As the month rounds out and you’re activated by the eclipse energy increasing your sex appeal, be bold and direct about what you want and how much you want it. Get inspired by fellow Cancer 6lack’s song “Pretty Little Fears” and hit bae up like, “Got on your bodysuit, you know I’m on your ass today / Would you let me hit it thrice if I asked today? She know my stick nothin’ but magic bae / I’ll be swinging it back and forth, ’til you in your casket, bae.” Ayyyee.