Cancer December

Cancer, the Gemini Lunar Eclipse that took place at the end of the month of November really helped you refine your sexual and spiritual standards, and as December 2020 begins you’ll still be thinking about how much you’ve glowed up internally, and what that means for your sex and love life. If you had to say bye to a past sexual connection these past few months or weeks, the first two weeks of December you may be focused on healing from that and therefore selfpleasure may be your top priority, especially with Venus in your fellow Water Sign of Scorpio until December 15th. No one knows what you want sexually more than yourself, so before even seeking it from someone else you’ll be focused on treating yourself with the ultimate pleasure and sensual intention.

Speaking of intentions, the Sag Solar Eclipse and New Moon on the 14th of December activates your sector of health and well-being, and this would be an ideal opportunity to invest in new sex toys or strap up with naughty items that satisfy your deepest kinks. Venus will have shifted into fiery Sag to round out the month, and this makes you more fearless, adventurous and explorative in bed, Cancer. Suddenly you won’t care as much about the status quo. Single Cancers could swipe right on someone one week and the next end up entangled with them in a virtual or real-life sexual scenario, as free as can be! This is the month where you realize you may have been way too hard on yourself when it comes to fully giving into the sexual energy that exists within and around you. Not everything has to be perfectly aligned for you to have a good time. You don’t have to know someone for years for you to let your bodies connect, even if you don’t go all the way… Sag Season and eclipse season is here to help you lighten up and open up your mind (and potentially your legs) to more sustainable pleasure and excitement, both in and out of the bedroom.

With Saturn and Jupiter both rounding out their stays in Capricorn — which activated your sector of partnership for the past few years — you’re preparing for the Age of Aquarius to encourage you to open up to unconventional styles of love-making. The partners that you’ll be attracted to and those drawn to you may be completely different than what you’re used to, and this is a good thing. Once Saturn and Jupiter shift into Aquarius on the 17th and 19th, you’ll want to be made love to in ways you’ve never experienced before. Venus will be in Sag starting the 15th, and Chiron, an asteroid that represents our inner wounds, will have ended its retrograde in Aries, so if you’ve let past wounds stop you from fully immersing yourself in sexual exploration, you’ll suddenly feel hornier and more turned on than you have all year!

This month, Cancer, you’ll seek to invite in the type of soul-stirring sex that leaves you panting and gasping for more. You’ll be open to people dominating you, and then right when they think they’re in control, you’ll take over and leave them shook. A wild, more primal side of you will emerge as we reach the climax of the year, and once Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, you will have transformed into a supreme sexual being, one that had been waiting for this moment to arrive. This is the month that changes the game for you and your sexual manifestations, Cancer, because you’ve dared to let your guard down and experience the depths of physical, emotional and spiritual stimulation. The Full Moon in your sign on the 29th takes things to an astronomical level sexually and spiritually seeking, and you may climax harder and more frequently than you have all year. You may end the year with your entire body buzzing with pleasure. It’s what you deserve!