Cancer February

Whoever merges with you sexually this month will feel like they’ve been transported to a completely new stratosphere, Cancer. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters your fellow Water Sign of Pisces on February 3, and thoughts of sex and love-making will permeate your consciousness, making it challenging for you to focus on anything else. On the surface, you’ll seem calm, but deep down, your sexual organs will be raging with desire, particularly towards the object(s) of your desires. What to do with your ferocious sex drive? Use the first two weeks of the month to be more spontaneous, bold, and even reckless, in and out of the bedroom. People often underestimate just how rough you can get sexually. You like to dominate and to be dominated. You want your lover to tell you exactly how they want it, and you will bear your soul in response and let them know just how far, deep, and long they should stroke, ride, and f*ck you. Closed mouths don’t get fed. Open your mouth more this month. You’ll enjoy what comes in and out of it because you’ll be intentional about it.

The Leo Full Moon on the 9th activates your sector of security and abundance, and this brings a six-month cycle of passion and drama full circle. You may have stayed in a relationship that hasn’t been the healthiest. Perhaps the sex was bomb, or the magnetism between you two was undeniable, but deep down it wasn’t emotionally fulfilling and it may have left you feeling tremendously insecure. Still, as the loyal crab that you are, you found it challenging to detach and fully let go. If that’s the case, the Leo Full Moon may provide you with the courage and strength necessary to finally cut the cord. That may take place after you have some wild breakup sex (or multiple rounds of it), though, and that’s okay. There’s no perfect way to end a relationship or situationship that’s had such a profound effect on you and your consciousness, so be kind to yourself as you do what must be done. You’ll feel the effects of the full moon up to four days before and after it, and since you’re ruled by the Moon, you’ll be affected by this full moon more intensely than any other zodiac sign.

If you find yourself in a fulfilling relationship, or have not had much drama that you’re overcoming, this Full Moon actually invites you to invite more drama (in an exciting, sexually explorative way) into your life. It would be a good time to invest in a retreat or vacation, either with your bae, or if you’re single, go solo or with your friends. This Full Moon is asking you to view love in a more abundant way than ever, and not limit yourself from having fun in more impromptu ways. Sex on a plane, anyone? Or on a train? Rides of a lifetime. You know you’re worthy of back to back orgasms, sensual moans, and sensual handjobs from someone who respects, sees, and craves you. You’re not “too much” for people. They may simply not be enough for you. So use this month to weed out those who may talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

Mercury retrograde begins on the 16th, the same day that Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Capricorn and activates your partnership sector for over a month. You may find yourself more drawn to Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), or people with prominent Earth energy in their chart. If you merge physically with the right Earth sign who matches your vibration, it will feel both grounding and transcendental, and it may be a connection that lasts for a while. The only caveat is that Mercury retrograde may lead to you second guessing existing connections, even if nothing’s necessarily wrong or there are no red flags. Ask yourself if you’re trying to sabotage something real just because you’ve been hurt before. It’s important to be present with your current connections, even if the past keeps knocking on your door.

Speaking of the past, sex with an ex may be tempting this month with Mercury retrograde in Pisces. You may find yourself wearing rose-colored glasses if someone you’ve loved and thought you lost suddenly comes back. You’ll be focused on memories of soul-stirring sex you may have had, and you may be ready to jump on them and let them back in your life. It very well may be that decision could turn out to be exactly what you needed, and leaves you spiritually and sexually fulfilled. But if you find yourself going back and forth, and you’re getting signs to slow down and re-evaluate, don’t be afraid to keep the door closed when your ex comes knocking. Remember the infinite abundance of love — just because that chapter is closed doesn’t mean another one’s not right around the corner. Rather than continuing sexual patterns from the previous decade, use the Pisces New Moon on the 23rd to set intentions about the type of sex, including spiritual merging, that you want to have with your next/new lover. Start acting as though that lover or the depth of that sexual and emotional connection is already existent in your life. Within six months, it will be.