Cancer January

This month is all about you and what it takes for you to consistently feel pleasure, Cancer. The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Caner takes place January 10th, and rounds out a six-month journey of personal healing that you’ve been committed to. This month, you may feel like you’ve made it to the top of a mountaintop, and you finally see, feel, hear and know yourself. This will make you wildly attractive to both yourself and others, and it will be hard for you to think of anything else other than sex, intimacy, soul ties, and cutting ties with connections that don’t fulfill or stimulate you. But the latter may be easier said than done, Cancer.

The eclipse energy all month long will have you wanting to radically recreate yourself. If you’ve been a bit prudish sexually, all of a sudden your mind will be filled with some of the naughtiest, riskiest, and surprising sexual fantasies. Biting, ass smacking, role play, mildly dangerous foreplay, and S&M may all come to mind, particularly once Venus shifts into Pisces on the 13th. Venus in Pisces is one of the best transits for letting down your guard and getting super detailed with your partner(s) in regards to what you’ve been fantasizing about. If you want to be on top, let them know exactly what you plan on doing as you ride or pleasure them. If you’re craving hitting it from the back, whisper in their ear while pulling their hair, and let your bodies merge as you enjoy the view and encourage each others’ moans and groans. Be as bad as you wanna be — with consent of course.

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. It seems like that was 2019’s buzz word, but in 2020 we’ll realize just how real they are. You can already start practicing them in sex this month, Cancer. You’re such a loving, generous person, but you also have the ability to be manipulative and controlling as well… Sometimes when you really want someone and you’re unsure if they want you back, you can become clingy or try to force them into admitting how they feel before they’re ready. Make sure you’re not doing that this month, particularly during the two weeks after your Cancer Lunar Eclipse… If you have the ability to make love to someone, do it from a place of genuine desire, don’t do it because you’re trying to intoxicate them into staying with you forever. This eclipse energy is helping you recognize your shadow side and assess what sexual and emotional behaviors are healthy and which ones may be triggering for you and those around you.

Fortunately, Mars being in Sagittarius all month long is helping you open up to more than one lover, particularly if you’re single or getting back in the dating game. While there will always be a more conventional side of you that wants back-to-back orgasms with the soulmate who sees you, understands you, and gets access to a certain part of you that no one else ever will, there’s also a more daring and uninhibited side of you that’s coming out this month, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop or tame you. If anything, you’re seeking the type of lover(s) who are down to ride with you / ride you / ask you to ride them. You want fire, passion, fireworks and muffled screams. You want to be left panting, sweating, fantasizing for more. Scratch marks on your back, hickeys on your neck. You want sensuality and danger, softness and aggressiveness. And you want it all, right now.

The last 10 days of the month are here to help you figure out the path to getting all that you want, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually, Cancer. With Aquarius Season and the Aquarius New Moon activating your sector of intimacy and merging, you’ll find it easier to express the more “out there” sexual fantasies and connections you’ve been feeling the urge to explore. Set New Moon Intentions on the 24th that prioritize your bliss, and that allows your naughtiest, most intense sexual desires to be centralized. Whether that means writing yourself a dirty letter in your diary, touching yourself until you cum, going to Thailand to get a massage with a happy ending, or all of the above, the key is to end the month feeling sexually limitless, and to carry that energy with you throughout 2020 and beyond.