Cancer March

It’s essential that you allow yourself to have more fun, both in and out of the bedroom this month, Cancer. The start of Pisces Season may have had you deep in your feels, having intense sexual fantasies but not always living them out. The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th activates your communication sector and increases the standards you have for yourself and all romantic partners in your life. You won’t be in the mood for casual affairs, but rather the real deal. But hold on before making major break ups or makeups during the first three weeks of the month, because even though Mercury Retrograde ends on the 9th, you’ll still experience the post-shadow period for several weeks, making it more challenging to tell fiction from fact.

It may be effective for you to use all the fantasy in the cosmos and infuse it in sex. If you have a consistent lover that you’ve been vibing with, you’ll find yourself more drawn to them this month, because Mars remains in your partnership sector until the 30th. The key is to both entice each other through consistent sexual advances, longing stares, sensual massages, etc… while also falling back and giving each other plenty of space to indulge in life individually. As a Cancer you tend to want to merge completely with your lover, to the point of being consumed by them. But now that Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is in your partnership sector until December 2020, you’re learning that as you cultivate more faith in yourself and are able to ride solo, you’re also able to attract sexual rides from and/or with people who vibrate at your frequency.

Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Taurus this month, and this activates your sector of friendship and social networks. A platonic relationship or a connection with a work-based bae may heat up this month, making you wonder if it’s time to take things to the next level. You may not get the clarity you need until after March 9th, once Mercury is direct in Aquarius. In the meantime, there’s no harm in indulging in harmless flirtatious, or even connecting sexually with someone you’ve been consistently drawn to. Just avoid trying to figure out where things are “going” — allow Pisces Season’s mellow energy to teach you to flow and surrender to the now moment. Certain relationships can simply be enjoyed for what they bring you right now. There’s no need to get stuck in the patterns of having to create a “happily ever after” narrative.

The 19th signals the start of Aries Season and the astrological new year, and the Sun in Aries activates your career and reputation sector. It’s very likely that these past few weeks or months, you’ve intentionally or unintentionally let your thoughts or concerns about your career block the flow of sexual and romantic blessings ready to enter your life. Perhaps you told yourself you weren’t yet ready to connect with someone intimately because you aren’t where you want to be professionally, or because stress/exhaustion from work was decreasing your sex drive. You may have been using challenges in your career as a reason to not be fully immersed in manifesting your ideal love life. Aries Season is the time of year where you can have bomb sex and notice that your career is booming too — both will be directly connected to the other. So the more you focus on kicking ass with your passion projects, the stronger your sexual magnetism becomes. This is particularly true because Mars spends all month in Capricorn, activating your partnership sector. Partners will be attracted to your ambition and drive, and you may even play out some “boss-employee” sexual fantasies in the bedroom (and boardroom too while you’re at it).

Once Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, shifts out of Capricorn on the 21st and enters Aquarius, your sector of depth and intimacy becomes activated, meaning that you may suddenly find yourself emotionally detaching from the sexual connections that left you craving more. It’s almost as though the intensity of the connection somewhat scares you, and you’re wondering if it’s too good to be true. Allow yourself to feel that fear, but don’t let it block you from pursuing connections that leave you feeling mesmerized or craving more. Use the Aries New Moon on the 24th to set intentions regarding what can be possible for you sexually and romantically if you stopped self-sabotaging. Just when things start to get real, and you notice people wanting to merge with you, you tend to push them away. This can be left behind in the past astrological year, Cancer. If you want to experience consistently mind-blowing orgasms with someone you trust and can be vulnerable with, you have to dare to believe that it’s possible for you, and that you deserve such bliss. Manifest your dream sex life into existence as the month of March ends, and end the month screaming with pleasure.