Cancer November

Scorpio Season always makes you feel everything on an intensified level, and that includes your horniness, Cancer. November is going to be a month to remember, because Scorpio Season activates your sector of fate and true love. Something mystical and magical will take place in your sex and love life this month. And that can be a solo magical journey, or one with one or more lovers involved. You call the shots, and you make the rules. It’s your world. Starting to step into this energy is the key to manifesting bomb sex and recurring orgasms, Cancer.

You are one of the sexiest and most sexual signs of the zodiac, and Scorpio Season makes everything wetter and better. But there may be moments during the first three weeks of the month where you’re so overwhelmed with the intensity of what you’re feeling that you attempt to push away the very people who are making you feel all the feels. But why? Why deny yourself pleasure?! That’s an essential question to ask yourself this month. Yes, Mercury may be retrograde in Scorpio for the final time this year, and this decade. But that’s no excuse to paralyze yourself and refuse to give your heart what it wants or body what / who it craves.

The only caveat to this “go for it” energy is the fact that Mercury Retrograde does bring people from our past back in our lives, and since Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, is also retrograde (but in the sign of Pisces), you may especially be drawn to your past. There’s no good or bad in this, it’s just something to be aware of. For example, if you’ve recently experienced a breakup or you’re still nursing a broken heart, you may find yourself so caught up in your feels that you fail to notice the new admirers — or those that have long-awaited you from afar — who are striving to get to know you. And not only sexually. People are drawn to your aura, your energy, your vibe. You. You’re a powerful being, especially ever since the Cancer eclipse that took place this summer. Everything’s shifting. Including your sex drive and your ability to attract sexual partners who match your frequency. So if something’s meant to be let go of, use Mercury Retrograde to let go and make room for new energy.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th activates your sector of tech and social networking, and you’ll feel its energy from the 8th to the 16th of November. If you’re single and seeking to merge with someone new, a dating site may be the place to look, even if at first you’re apprehensive about it. What you seek is seeking you, and the Taurus Full Moon will make that clear. Since you’re ruled by the Moon, you come alive during Full Moons, and you’ll be your most authentic self at that time. You tend to try to hide your intensity regarding how sexually turned on you can get, but this Full Moon will make that abundantly clear to anyone you’re dating, talking to, or interested in. Sex appeal will be oozing from your pores. You’ll have to master-self control during Scorpio Season, or else you’ll end up jumping on anyone with legs who’s mildly attractive.

People often underestimate your sexual prowess because you seem like such a sweetheart on the outside, Cancer. But once Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts into Scorpio on the 19th, followed by Sag Season beginning on the 22nd, another side of you, a wilder and erotic side, will emerge in a much more visible way. You’ll be in the type of mood to spark sex conversations at the dinner table amongst friends because you’re horny and want to discuss the best options for sex toys or erotic films. While at first this may catch people off guard, you’ll soon open up the conversations amongst friends and lovers in a way that feels wildly refreshing.

As we enter 2020, there’s no point in torturing yourself by living in your own head and not sharing your fantasies with anyone. Let the extraverted, carefree energy of Sag Season inspire you to tell it like it is, and receive it like you want. Get as detailed and dirty as you’d like when sexting bae or letting out your fantasies in your journal. Mercury Retrograde will have ended on the 20th, giving you the green light to be more risqué and daring in your sexual and romantic approaches. The world is drawn to your aura, so you might as well make the most of it and indulge in the type of sex that catapults you into a new dimension.