Cancer November

Cancer, after experiencing two full moons in one month last October, you’ll be revitalized by the Scorpio New Moon on the 16th, activating your sector of fate, true love and adventure. But before we get to that, the first two weeks of November are about letting go of unhealthy sexual and romantic situations that may have you stuck in a seemingly hopeless cycle. It’s not too late for you to cut the cord, Cancer, even if the sex is bomb. You have to make room for the connections that feel fulfilling inside and out. That means letting go of the ones that have felt draining, boring or non-reciprocal. Use the days before the Scorpio New Moon to do that — even if it’s painful or if it seems impossible. By saying no to sexual offers that you know aren’t fulfilling, you’re making room for the type of sex that leaves you on your knees, trembling ecstatically.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 15th activates your sector of fate, true love and adventure, so between November 15th and November 25th you may feel like you’re living a fairytale and sexual fantasy — even if it’s literally only a figment of your imagination. If you haven’t had sex as much as you wish you could this month, this New Moon is an invitation to let your freaky side out and take time to envision the type of sex you want to consistently experience, and with who. Looking into tantra sex and being more intentional in your foreplay may be speaking to you between November 15th and November 25th. Self-pleasure sessions will also hit different around this time, allowing you to deepen your bond and connection with your own self first, and that naturally has a magnetic influence on the intimacy that you cultivate with your current or potential lover(s). This Scorpio New Moon is perfect for releasing unhealthy sexual and emotional connections while welcoming the type of soul-stirring bond and sex that can leave you in sweat, and in tears.

Once Sag Season starts on the 21st, your sector of health and wellness will be activated, and you’ll find yourself ready to work out and feel as sexy as possible as the year ends. Remember that sex is a workout too, Cancer, so multitasking may be appealing to you during the final 9 days of November. Find a buddy who wants to move their body and be on your body too, and let yourself laugh as much as possible during your sex rounds — the light-heartedness of Sag Season will help you not take yourself or your lover(s) too seriously, and it will amp up your sex appeal.

The month ends with the Gemini Lunar Eclipse activating your sector of spirituality and healing and putting an end to a six-month chapter in your sex life where you may have been healing some insecurities that caused sexual blockages. Embrace the new you that will emerge during eclipse season, including a more vocal you who knows what they want in bed and knows who they want to love. Your wish will be the Universe’s command, so use those power wisely.