Cancer November

Welcome to November, Cancer. This may be one of the most adventurous and carefree months you experience this year, believe it or not. The first three weeks of the month are characterized by a desire for spontaneity, freedom and true love. The Scorpio Sun is activating those sectors and helping you break free of routine in your sex and romantic life. While you tend to be more of an old-fashioned soul when it comes to sex, seeking monogamy and commitment above all, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to switch things up and surprise your partner (s) with new moves and secret desires. Quite the opposite. Because you often take the time to make sure that you feel emotionally at ease with those engaged with sexually, it allows you to show them a side of you that the world would never guess. The freaky, naughty, not so angelic side. And that’s exactly what will come out to play this month.

The Sun being in Scorpio, a fellow Water sign, will increase your eroticism and sex appeal. Plus, the New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th will activate a desire for a  fresh start romantically and sexually. Since you’re ruled by the Moon, you ’re especially affected by New Moon and Full Moon cycles. This New Moon rules fertility, so if you’ve been trying for a baby, November 7 – 17th are some of the best times of the month to conceive. If that’s not on your radar, then make sure to take the necessary precautions, because fertility is in the air! But on a less literal note,  use this New Moon energy to give birth to a more empowered and sexually liberated version of yourself. It’s time for the crab to come out of its shell and indulge in the splendor of its sexual nature.

You’ve done enough introspection during Libra Season, and this New Moon will encourage you to be like a magnet and attract what your true desires are. This starts by being honest about what you don’t like about your sex life or your current partnership (s). How can you improve it for the better? Avoid placing the blame on others or on yourself, and look at it as though you were giving advice to your best friend. Be your own best friend at this New Moon. You want the best for yourself,  so step away from people and situations that have sucked the life out of you. If your sex life has felt stagnant these past few months, this New Moon will give you the momentum to fire it up again. It’s never too late, and it’s going to be easier than usual due to the fact that the Sun is in the sex sign of the zodiac. Sex will be on your mind, and you won’t want to make things too complicated for yourself by standing in your own way. Fortunately, your horniness will be stronger than your pride.

Mars enters Pisces on November 15, one day before Venus Retrograde ends.  With Mars also in a fellow Water sign, you may find yourself super sensitive around the middle of November. It’s a good time to watch romantic movies as a form of a  foreplay, and also view your own life as a movie. Let yourself be the shining lead as you pour your heart out to the object of your desires. They’ll find it to be very attractive and they’ll most likely do the same to you. With Venus no longer retrograde, you won’t have to overanalyze every little thought that enters your mind. You’ll have greater confidence to express your needs without coming off as too clingy or demanding. Want more sex this month? Ask for it. Want to try a  certain position because you’re tired of missionary? Ask for it, and show them how it’s done. Down to explore some BDSM? Go for it. The more direct you are when expressing your sexual needs, the more likely they are to be met, Cancer.

Once Sagittarius Season begins on November 22, your sector of health and wellness is activated, and you’ll be able to listen to your body’s cues and signals with greater accuracy. You’ll know when you need to slow down sexually (because the energy of Scorpio Season was quite extreme and intense), and you’ll also know when you’re in the mood for some sexual healing. Both of these vibes are possible as the month comes to an end. The Gemini Full Moon on November 23, followed by the end of Neptune Retrograde on the 24th, is perfect for putting an end to any sexual dynamic that was one-sided. It’s important for there to be balance in your  relationships, and if you’ve allowed yourself to become passive-aggressive instead  of making it clear what you do and do not tolerate, this Full Moon and the days that  follow it will be ideal for closing that chapter of your life and looking ahead to more  sexually fulfilling days. All in all, Cancer, November 2018 can help you evolve into the boss version of yourself. Prioritize your own pleasure, sexually and emotionally.