Cancer October

Ready for the ride of your life this month, Cancer? Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, and as a Water Sign it tends to be one of your wettest times of the year. You’re more in tune with your body and its desires during Scorpio Season, allowing you to delve into intimacy with less apprehension. But before we get to those deep waters, you’ll have to navigate the airy vibes of Libra Season, which activates your sector of roots and the past. How present are you with your lover(s) when having sex, or even when flirting, talking, or spending time together? How much of you is still hung up on the past, and replaying past scenarios or conversations over and over again in your head? In what ways are these thought patterns preventing you from fully engaging in soul-stirring sex and vulnerability with people who really light you up? The Libra New Moon’s energy is still going strong until October 8th, making the first 8 days of October a prime time to set intentions and break free from repetitive patterns of behavior.

Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, ends its five-month retrograde in Capricorn on October 3, and this activates your partnership sector. Things will finally lighten up in that department and you won’t be as intensely critical of your partner(s) as you were before. Celebrate by taking your lover out on a date sometime around then. The conversations you have will be full of sexual tension as you imagine each other naked. It’s also a good time for single Cancers to say yes to social interaction after a period of profound hermit mode. Now that Pluto is no longer retrograde, you’re feeling more confident in yourself and your ability to attract what and who you want. Be bold, courageous and assertive in and out of the bedroom this month, Cancer. Let your wild, raunchy side out to play. No need to keep things soft and light when you can be a tiger/tigress and get as wild as you really want to be.

The Aries Full Moon on the 13th is the ideal time to do so. It activates your sector of reputation and social status, and it indicates that maybe a part of you has been playing it safe in terms of love and sex these past six months because you subconsciously care about what other people thought of you. Perhaps you’ve been pushing away potential partners because you fear people will think you’ve bounced back “too quickly”. Or maybe you’ve stayed in a relationship that doesn’t sexually or emotionally satisfy you because of how long you’ve been together and the social status you’ve built as a couple together.

Whatever old paradigm you’re still holding on to will be shattered around this Full Moon, throwing you into a new beginning where you write the rules, and you decide if you even want there to be rules in the first place. This Full Moon energy is fiery, confident and passionate. You won’t be feeling as emotional around the middle of October. You’ll be feeling fired up and ready to gift yourself the sexual and emotional bliss you deserve. No more excuses. No more complaints. Just purposeful action.

Once Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts into Scorpio on October 8, your sex drive will be through the roof. If you can, plan a romantic outing during this transit, because you’ll be naturally charming, profoundly alluring, and a great date to be out with. Even if you’re not the one initiating the date request, prepare for people to be drawn to you and crave your energy during Venus in Scorpio. You are more inclined to merge very intensely with whomever you’re sexually attracted to. Sex, intimacy and love will be on your mind more than ever, especially once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd. There’s no point in denying what your body wants. If you need an outlet for all that intensity, start writing a sex novel in your journal, or write down the lyrics to a super sultry sex song. Seriously, that’s how horny you’ll be sometimes during Scorpio Season. Use the New Moon on the 27th to turn fantasies into very wet realities…