Cancer October

Cancer, you’re ruled by the Moon, and you tend to feel extra horny and turned on during Full Moons, so you’ll probably find that this month you’re activated like never before due to the fact that we have one Aries Full Moon on October 1st, and a Taurus Full Moon on October 31st. You’ll be thinking of sex more frequently this month, in a more sensual and practical way, due to the combo of Mercury’s presence in sultry Scorpio, and Venus’ presence in methodical Virgo. You want the best of the bet in all of your love-making endeavors, and you can’t settle for anything less. In order to get what you want, you have to begin by owning what you want, fully. Use the days before Mercury’s retrograde (from October 13 – November 3) to speak your mind to your past, current, future or potential lovers. In your most ideal world, what would your sex life with them look and feel like? Start off imagining yourself in the most blissed out sexual state.

This month, with all the Libra energy in the cosmos, you may decide to act out some of your sexual fantasies with either your own self, by taking on several roles, indulging in wearing clothes (or no clothes at all) that make you feel sexy and empowered, and taking more time to take in your naked body while affirming your own worth. You may also choose to act things out with your chosen lovers — either someone you’re already with, or someone you’ve been craving to be with. If things have been getting a bit monotonous in the bedroom, you’ll find that Venus in Virgo’s transit will highlight what works and what doesn’t. Sex isn’t always the most fulfilling high, and in order to consistently experience profound bliss, you have to take time to get to know your own body and what it truly wants, and then be courageous enough to express your needs.

This month, Cancer, instead of being overly critical of yourself or your sexual partner(s), this would be the time to infuse more humor into your connections, and in the bedroom. If someone farts during sex, laugh about it until you cry. If you’re trying out a new position and end up falling off the bed (Mercury will be retrograde from October 13th – November 3rd), let yourself be silly as you get back up. Smack your partner’s ass with consent. Leave them dirty love notes around the house or create a virtual scavenger hunt for them to discover which parts of your body you’d like to receive more attention. Your creativity is at an all-time high this month due to the fact that we’re having two full moons in one month, and you are ruled by the Moon. Your magnetism is also off the charts, Cancer, so make the most of it.

The Libra New Moon on October 16th activates a six-month chapter of you seeking stability and adventure in your love life. If you’ve been abstaining from sex for most of the year, from October 16th – October 26th you may find yourself thinking of what it would look and feel like to invite in the energy of soul-awakening love and mind-blowing sex that leaves you feeling deeply fulfilled. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too. It’s what you deserve!