Cancer October

Welcome to October, Cancer. Your sexual moods may vacillate quite a bit this month due to the contrasting energy of Libra Season and Scorpio Season. Plus, you tend to be moody in general (which is completely normal since you’re ruled by the Moon, which is affected by the ocean’s tides), so you’ll be taking time this month to process all of your emotions. Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, finally ended its five-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto’s now direct in your partnership and marriage sector, giving you so much more clarity when it comes to what you want from love and sex! There will still be a post-shadow period of Pluto Retrograde though, so you may still be healing from past hurts or disappointments in your present or past relationships, but all in all you’ll feel much more at ease with how far you’ve come, and not only will this boost your morale but it’ll heighten your sexual drive. You’ve put in the work to become a more empowered version of yourself, and it’ll pay off this month — you’ll be able to have sex without overthinking every little thing.

It is important to note that Venus, the Planet of Love, will go retrograde on October 5 in the sign of Scorpio, so you won’t be completely off the hook when it comes to matters connected to sex, love, intimacy and your past. But Venus Retrograde won’t last nearly as long as Saturn Retrograde did, so out of all the zodiac signs, you’re the most equipped to deal with this transit. As they say, “know better, do better”. No more falling into the familiar traps of people who are emotionally unavailable or who are simply playing mind games to get your attention. Venus in Scorpio will have you feeling extra selective when it comes to whom you make love to. If you’re already partnered up, you’ll be more clear about your expectations in love with them, and if they’ve hurt or disappointed you in any way, you won’t hesitate to let them know. Just make sure that the conversation goes both ways, Cancer. You aren’t perfect either, and you’ve made mistakes (perhaps unconsciously) that may have hurt them too. Avoid getting defensive if your partner calls you out on them during Venus in Scorpio. View it as a growing experience and watch how much closer you two get sexually as a result. You both will want to merge with each other soulfully and physically once you’ve gotten to the root of what may have caused previous blockages or bitterness in your sex life.

On October 8, a fresh start awaits as the Libra New Moon activates your domestic and values sector. You’ll feel this energy for 10 days, so from the 8th to the 18th you’ll be thinking about what you need to feel secure in your skin and with your sex partner(s). You’ll also be more in a homebody mood than usual, so create the right setting and invite your lover over to have sex at your place — set up the mood just how you like it. The more comfortable you are in your environment, the more you’ll open up to them and let out your inner freak. This New Moon will help you take yourself a bit less seriously, because Libra energy is all about letting loose and focusing on creating balance between the partners. You’ll be focused on their pleasure and happiness, and they’ll be focused on yours. It will be refreshing for you to take a break from letting your emotions cloud your judgment. Indulge in carefree and uninhibited sex, Cancer!

From the 23rd onwards though, you may find yourself vacillating between keeping things nice and chill, and getting down and dirty sexually. The Sun will have joined Venus in Scorpio for a month-long stay, and you’ll feel more horny than ever with these planets in the sex sign of the zodiac. You’ll have extreme sexual fantasies during Scorpio Season, and the Taurus Moon on October 24th will activate your networking sector, meaning that if you’re single or mingling, a friend may end up making advances on you around the last week of the month — or vice versa! Before you know it, you may end up in each other’s beds, and this can lead to the “what are we?” conversation taking place. It’s hard for you to have casual sex unless you’re truly in the right mindset, so be honest with yourself about how far this situation can go. But it’s quite likely that the sex will be so hot that you won’t be able to extricate yourself from that connection that easily… Maybe you should wait and see where it all leads to…