Cancer September

Cancer, since you’re ruled by the Moon, you’ll find that the Virgo New Moon on the 17th completely catapults your sex and love life to the next level, and it encourages you to embark on a journey of profound rebirth. On the outside, you may look even more delightful than ever, and this can lead to you attracting quite a few admirers, whether you’re already in a relationship or chillin’ solo. The truth is, we’re never really alone. Some Cancers may have practiced abstinence or celibacy this year (not always out of choice lol), and this month you’ll be aware of how it’s influenced the way you think about sex and intimacy. Many Cancers’ desires for sexual connection deepened with Mars, the Planet of Action, being in Aries.

Now that Mars is retrograde in Aries, someone that you’ve cared for and been attracted to for a while may reciprocate that energy towards you, seemingly out of the blue. Some Cancers may experience a profound crush this month, but it won’t feel crushing at all — it’ll feel uplifting. Chances are it’s someone from your past that will return, more evolved, sexier and magnetic, than you would have expected. The sparks will fly, and perhaps underwear will drop, as you merge with each other in a fantasy-like way. Everything you’ve dreamt of experiencing sexually can be yours.

Life itself is the ultimate dream, Cancer. You of all the signs know that. And anyone who merges with you sexually and emotionally this month will feel that, in every part of their bodies. Simply looking at you in the eyes will lead to goosebumps appearing on their skin. The eye sex is real. The psychic connection is strong. You’ll be making love without necessarily even touching each other. You’ll be going to a whole new plane of consciousness. But not everyone you merge with will necessarily view it as “that deep.” And that’s okay. Part of what this month wants you to learn is that you don’t have to think about what’s next, but simply immerse yourself in what exists right now. The Virgo New Moon on the 17th is the perfect time for you to set intentions about how to simplify situations in your sex and love life that previously felt overwhelming or confusing. The simplest, but not necessarily easiest, way is to begin by saying “no” to whatever feels off. even if it feels familiar. This New Moon gifts you a cosmic fresh start where you release any sexual vampire-like or co-dependent vibes in sex and instead deepen or attract the type of sexual synergy where it feels like you’re constantly cumming blissfully and making your lover(s) cum with intention and spiritual ascension. Sex with you hits different this month, period.