Capricorn April

Mars, the Planet of Action, was in your sign all of March 2020, making you more focused on securing the bag than being in your sexual bag. Now that it’s shifted into Aquarius for the next six weeks, your sector of money and abundance is activated — as is your sexual daredevil side. You’re tired of playing by the rules — you don’t even want there to be any more rules anymore.

Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is your planetary ruler, and it’s finally shifted out of your sign on March 21st! It won’t return until July 1st, and then you’ll experience the final stretch of Saturn in your sign from July 1st, 2020 to December 17th, 2020. So enjoy this brief respite during Saturn in Aquarius and give yourself permission to pursue what and who you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been giving yourself imaginary deadlines before letting pleasure and orgasms be your priority.Those days are over — time to prioritize bliss, both for yourself and the one(s) you want.Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in the airy and free sign of Gemini starting April 3, and will stay there for several months. This will help you step out of your comfort zone, try out new sexual positions, and be more flirtatious and fun-loving than usual. People are less likely to be intimidated by you these next few months, Capricorn, which means that you’ll suddenly notice how many people reveal that you’re the person they’ve been fantasizing of lately, but may have been too scared to make a move.

Venus in Gemini helps you see that you don’t have to choose one set path for your love life. Exploring and keeping your options open is the name of the game for you right now. Digitally dating and connecting with people will also be more intriguing to you, Capricorn, and if you had previously ruled it out, you’ll allow yourself to reconsider, particularly due to an unexpected connection that may unfold online once Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts into Aries on April 11th after an extended period in the sensitive sign of Pisces. Mercury in Aries will help you see that you’ve had plenty of options right under your nose, but you may have been so caught up in putting together your checklist of your ideal lovers, that you may have ignored candidates who have been there all along.

Mercury in Aries encourages you to be more of a pursuer in these connections, particularly if there are one or more people whom you feel reciprocal attraction for. Now that Saturn’s no longer in your sign, you don’t have to punish yourself or view sex and intimacy as a reward you gift yourself after a week’s hard work. You can indulge right here, right now, and even if they aren’t physically in the same space as you, you can allow yourself to be sexually entertained by them via phone, texts, chat, photos, and other creative means of connection. Intentional use of technology is a highlight of being in 2020,right?

If you’re already in a committed relationship, Venus in Gemini is an opportunity for you and your lover to lighten up and infuse more spontaneity and play, both in and out of the bedroom. If you’ve been too focused on your long-term goals to focus on short term thrills, Aries Season, Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius serves as a wake-up call that all we have is the now moment. Your stock portfolio may not exist tomorrow, but that kiss you’ve been craving can exist today. Ha. A Lil humor to get through the chaos will be the theme of your life this month, Capricorn. Be as sarcastic and cynical as you please — it will only intensify the connection, particularly around the Libra Full Moon on the 7th, when social interactions become more easeful for you to navigate. You’ll be open to meeting new people, especially virtually, during the first two weeks of the month.

Once Taurus Season Season begins on the 19th, followed by the Taurus New Moon on the 22nd, you will feel grounded in your values, particularly your romantic ones, because your sector of fate, true love and adventure will be activated by the Sun and Moon in Taurus. Then on the 25th, Pluto begins a five-month retrograde in your sign, Capricorn. The first three months of this retrograde will feel less heavy than the past two years’ retrogrades have, because Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, won’t be in your sign until July 1st. So April – July is likely to be quite sexually liberating for you because you won’t be overanalyzing every single crush you have, or what their intentions are. You’ll be grateful for human connections, and you won’t take for granted people who turn you on, and who see past your more serious exterior. Someone could end up being on your mind more than ever as the month begins, simply because of how much they’re able to make you laugh and lighten up. Open up to them and get ready for the rides of your life.