Capricorn August

With your ruler Saturn back in your sign until December 17, 2020, Capricorn, this month you’ll find yourself taking your sex and love life more seriously, and you’ll want to prioritize pleasure just as much as you prioritize hustle. You’ve been a workaholic lately, but Saturn’s retrograde asks you to take a bit of a breather, especially since Venus, the Planet of Love and intimacy.

Have you been under the impression that many of your ex lovers are still stuck on you and won’t let you go? You’re not making things up. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are currently all retrograde in your sign, Capricorn. People are truly stuck on you, and this month you may find yourself receiving many invitations to reconnect and have sex with one or more of your past lovers — even if you’ve moved on. It’s not that they’re out here trying to be home-wreckers, but it’s that there’s literally so much astrological energy in your sign right now, and they’re thinking about the good times you had and the sex that left them dreaming of you for weeks on end. Since Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Cancer on the 7th for the next four weeks, and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Leo and activates your sector of depth and intimacy, you won’t be able to keep your mind off of love and relationships this month, which is why you might as well take time to really figure out what it is that you want. No more procrastinating on matters of the heart — treat them with as much respect and priority as you treat your career.

Keep in mind that Mars in Aries is currently in your sector of roots and the home, a part of you may be looking for a long-term partner, but not in the sense of settling, but rather in the sense of expanding and growing your lives together through the depths of your sexual and romantic intimacy. Simply put, you want someone you can have endless orgasms with, and also someone that you can build an empire with. Uranus’ retrograde on the 15th takes place in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus, and this can activate a more courageous side of you. If you’ve been having sexual fantasies about someone for a while now and you can tell they’ve been having them about you too, this month you may decide to shoot your shot and send them a very direct message, voice note, phone call, or go visit them — this will be a boss move and the chances are they’ll be so turned on by how direct you are, and they’ll want to jump on you immediately. Mid-month is for sure a powerful time for initiating sex with someone you haven’t been able to get off your mind. The feeling will be mutual!

The Leo New Moon on the 18th is one of the most sexually and romantically explosive for you, Capricorn. Your sector of depth and intimacy is activated by the Sun, Moon and Venus all being in this sign this month, and some Capricorns may find that relationships that were previously situationships suddenly ascend to serious commitments. The sex that you have this month is a portal to a new world, because we’re going through an ascension portal that allows you to be more present with yourself and your lover(s) instead of stuck in your head. You previously may have pushed people away because you thought they were distracting you from your overall mission, but by the Leo New Moon you’ll have an “aha” moment that helps you realize that your sexual and emotional connection is part of your mission. That’s the key, Capricorn. When you have sex and merge with the right person / people, your entire life starts to glow up. Once Virgo Season begins the 22nd, you’ll really start to understand what I mean. Pay attention to the way you feel when you have sex, or even connect with someone intimately via phone or text, during the final days of the month. When you have sex with someone and are left feeling energized instead of drained or exhausted, that means they’re here to help empower your journey, and there’s no need to fear the depths of your bond. Let August 2020 take you to new heights in your sexual journey. You’ll be left in awe of what you were able to manifest once you opened up to sexual ecstasy. You may have some of the wildest and transformative romantic experiences this month… bet on it.