Capricorn December

Capricorn, you’ve made it to the end of a very long journey. One that may not have been filled with as much bomb sex as you would’ve hoped, because it was one that was primarily focused on your growth and self-development. And now, this final month of 2020, as your birthday season prepares to kickoff, you are being asked to have the most fun you’ve had all year. You are being asked to open up to having some of the wildest, most uninhibited and potentially even slightly reckless sex you’ve had all year. You’re being asked to reveal your wild side, and do it in a way that leaves your lover’s mouth hanging, in awe of just how tantalizing you can be when you give yourself permission to explore your sexual desires without limitation. Can you gift yourself that? Even if that means being your own lover, and getting more intimately acquainted with your body’s needs?

This month should be all about basking in your rewards, so start it off thinking about the type of sexual experiences you’d have in your ideal world. How often would you orgasm? What type of orgasms would you want to experience? In what specific way would you like to be touched, caressed, massaged? What role does oral sex play in your fantasies? By allowing yourself to prioritize thoughts of sex and pleasure this month, particularly when Venus is in Scorpio until the 15th, you’ll be training your brain to normalize receiving such rewards, even if it looks like they’re nowhere to be found. We’re in eclipse season, Capricorn, which means that the unexpected is the only thing that’s to be expected. Even if you’ve spent most of the year riding solo or focused on your personal endeavors, you can very much end the year kissing someone under the mistletoe, experiencing a series of explosive fireworks within your body, as you simultaneously hear them exploding in the night sky. Anything is possible now that you’ve made it through one of the most astrologically intense periods of the past few years.

Your sex life is going to go through a major transformation this month and all of 2021, and it all begins in your own mind. Use the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse to begin that fresh start. Forgive yourself and others for moments where you may have missed the mark, and either not prioritized each other’s pleasure, or when you may have misinterpreted each other’s needs, and therefore pushed each other away. With Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, spending its first full month direct in Pisces, and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, in your spirituality sector in the sign of Sag until the 20th, you’re feeling bolder, more forgiving, and ready to try things again this month — which means sex with the right ex is very much a possibility, and it’ll leave you weak at the knees once you surrender to the depths of mutual desire that exist within you.

Alternatively, the New Moon can usher in a wave of new contenders that will influence your sex life these next six months, so even if you end the month casually talking to someone, don’t be surprised if six months from now you’re most consistently on top of them, and vice versa. And if you’re already boo’d up, this is the month to explicitly state to each other what your wildest fantasies are, without judgment, and then follow through with bold and daring action.

By the time your bday season begins on the 21st, and the Cancer Full Moon activates your partnership sector on the 29th, your transformation will have reached peak sex god(dess) levels. Bring out the handcuffs, the blindfolds, the art canvases for nude painting sessions. Bring out the strip poker set, the R-rated truth or dare experiences, and the dirty movies (that you can either watch or create). Bring out the freakiest side of you this month as you celebrate having made it through the mindf*ck that’s been 2020. Be as selfish as you need to be as you make your sexual pleasure the ultimate priority, and as you leave your lover(s) or potential bae(s) in awe of your stamina, depth of intimacy, and your ability to undress them, with a single look and that dangerously tantalizing smile. Rawwrr. They’re all yours, and with just one touch of your deeply stimulating body and cosmic aura, they’ll be hooked for good.