Capricorn December

Congrats Capricorn — by the end of the month, you will have made it through the first year of Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, being in your zodiac sign. This is significant because Saturn is often associated with hardship and struggle, and although you may have been great at hiding it, you’ve been going through the ringer this year. Saturn, combined with Venus’ stay in Scorpio all month long, is teaching you how to be even more mature and responsible. You’re learning how to face truths in your intimate relationships so that you’re not burying your head under the sand, in denial of what you need to do to best evolve and grow. What does all of this mean for your sex life? While it may not have always been your most pressing priority this year, it did serve as a necessary outlet for any anxieties or pent-up stress that you may have experienced. Your mission this month is to not view sex as a reward for overcoming obstacles, but as your birthright — something as natural as breathing or eating.

This month also coincides with the start of your birthday season, and you’ll be focused on clearing out the old and making room for the new. Pay attention to the times you felt so-so after sex, or weren’t fully satisfied this year. While it’s amazing to recall the heights of your sexual experiences, taking time to reflect on what needs to be improved will lead to a greater awareness of your own needs and desires. Make sure that you’re not simply pointing the finger at others when it comes to stepping things up a notch. Identify what your own blockages may be when it comes to having the sex life you truly crave. There may be a part of you that was reluctant to address any sexual awkwardness in your relationships during Mercury Retrograde, but once it goes direct on December 6, there will be less tension and confusion in your sexual relationships. There is a two-week post-shadow period that you’ll have to deal with, but you’ll notice that your self-expression increases for the better from the 7th onwards.

The Sagittarius New Moon on the 7th activates your sector of healing and spirituality. You’ll feel the New Moon vibes from the 7th to the 17th, so the second and third weeks of December are likely to give you a fresh start sexually and romantically. You’ll realize that in order to get what you want, you must not be afraid to disclose it to the parties involved. While you’ll still be viewed as elusive, the New Moon will help you prioritize your sexual pleasure, and not self-sabotage any ongoing sexual relationships.

The most exciting part of the month begins on December 21, when the Sun leaves Sagittarius and enters your sign for four weeks. All of that inner work you’ve been working on will pay off during Capricorn Season, a time where you’ll be in your element more than ever. All of a sudden your self-confidence will increase, making you irresistibly attractive to partners. Let yourself have incredible birthday sex with someone who can match your intensity and desire for longevity in the bedroom. No quickies or one-night stands for you during Capricorn Season. Saturn has helped you think more long-term. If you’re single and aren’t ready for the labels of a relationship, pay attention to how you feel when engaging in sex without labels. As long as the person makes you feel at ease, you don’t have to spend your time worrying about what it all means. You’ll know in dear time. But if you feel the opposite, and you’re anxiously seeking greater clarity, then you may decide to get out of limbo before truly letting another person indulge in your body and sexual powers. You’re being more selfish with your time, energy and sexual nature, and that’s perfectly understandable.

The Full Moon in Cancer takes place on the 22nd of December, one day after your birthday season begins. This Full Moon activates your partnership and marriage sector. Capricorns who are in a committed relationship may have the most magical sexual experience with their partner between the dates of December 18 and December 26 (that’s when you feel the Full Moon energy most intensely). Write down whatever feelings emerge from you around this time, whether you’re in a relationship or single. The Universe will help your subconscious desires be felt, so even if you’ve been trying to play it cool and act like sex or love isn’t a big deal to you, you won’t be able to lie to yourself during this Full Moon, especially since Mars, the Planet of Action, will be in the hopeless romantic sign of Pisces all month long. The more upfront you are about your inner hopeless romantic, the more likely you are to end the year with a sexual partner who is on your energetic level. And once you vibe with someone intellectually and spiritually, the sex and love-making is off the charts. Your birthday season will be one of the most sexy, memorable and magnetic you’ve had thus far.