Capricorn February

Mars, the Planet of Action, enters your sign mid-month, Capricorn. February 2020 has the potential to be one of the most invigorating months for you sexually, professionally and personally. You shouldn’t fear the powerful energy that you’re feeling for someone (or multiple people). There’s no point in denying it or running from what you inherently know to be true. Mars is the Planet of Sex as well, and during the first two weeks of the month, it remains in Sagittarius, activating your spirituality and healing sector. Single Capricorns may enjoy playing the field and may even hit it and quit it a few times, just for kicks.

There’s a player side of Capricorns that are often underestimated or not even talked about. Mars in Sag is your opportunity to take away the stigma that can be attached to not wanting to settle down or choose just one person to connect with sexually. Your ability to explore for the sake of exploration is activated, and if you feel the urge to have sex with one person one week, and then another the following week, do so frequently and joyfully. Disrupting the status quo is the name of the game for you this month, and the more you practice doing so, the easier it becomes.

Keep in mind that you can also disrupt the status quo by choosing not to have sex with anyone at all this month, or being very selective about when and where you do partake. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts into Pisces on the 3rd, and Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Aries on the 7th. With Mercury activating your communication sector and Venus in Aries activating your domestic sector, your homebody vibes will be accentuated during the first two weeks of February, and you may prefer to have bae come over and watch a movie with you while spooning you, rather than being out and about trying to flirt, chase or prove your worth or desirability to others. But make sure you’re actually taking the time to invite bae over by speaking the words out loud or texting them transparently — they won’t be able to just teleport their way over if on the outside you appear to be immersed in work and you appear to not care about your connection. Be aware of the part of you that sometimes purposefully intimidates your lover(s) may do so because you’re low-key intimidated by the depth of the intimacy you may feel when you’re together… Whewww, it’s time to start a new cycle when it comes to connection, one that’s based on abundance and bliss, and not fear or limiting beliefs.

The Pisces New Moon on the 23rd of February is the ideal time to commit to that new chapter, even if a part of you is still closed off to the idea of love, or doubtful that soul-stirring sex is a possibility for you this month. You’re so used to setting goals and milestones for what you want to achieve professionally, Capricorn. But this New Moon is asking you to do so for what you want to feel when people merge with you. What type of lover(s) turn you the most on? How do you feel when you’re most turned on? What are the actions that one can do to get you to let down your guard and really let out that side of you that can fully immerse yourself in the act of lovemaking, without reservation? That’s what you’ll be thinking about during this New Moon, whether you want to or not. It’ll be hard for you to focus on the practical — and that’s because the Universe wants you to take a break from the practical and focus more on passion, intuition, mysticism. Sex on the beach, in the bathtub, sauna or jacuzzi may all take place during the final week of February if you play your cards right and throw caution to the wind.

If your ex pulls up on you or hits you up during Mercury retrograde, observe before immediately reacting. Sex with an ex isn’t necessarily bad if you have set clear intentions about what that connection or reconnection means to you. The Pisces New Moon will help you tune into their energy more and know if they’re in it as a means of control, or if you and them have realigned for a more spiritual purpose. Sex can serve as an awakening or it can be an energy drain if the partners are incompatible or are not yet on the same level of ascension. End the month focusing on raising your own vibration sexually, personally and spiritually. Then prepare to manifest sex with partner(s) whose frequency is also sexy, mysterious, powerful and intense.