Capricorn January

This month, and this year, is all about you and the partners you choose to merge with, Capricorn. Choose wisely. All eyes, ears, and hearts are on you. You have a magnetic effect on everyone, not only sexually, but in general. Instead of filling your day with busy work and avoiding the attention, allow yourself to bask in it this month, Capricorn. There’s a reason you’re known as the goat — the greatest of all time. You just tend to force yourself to be humble and downplay just how amazing you are. There’s absolutely no need for all that, my love. You are one of the most passionate lovers out there, and it’s sone of the Universe’s best kept secrets. This is the month where it all comes out in the open. Partners who are lucky enough to merge with you will feel like they got struck by a boomerang permeating throughout their body, mind, senses, and soul.

Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Sagittarius this month, activating your sector of spirituality and healing. This is one of the most harmonious transits for you sexually speaking, because it allows you to free yourself from past karma and start fresh sexually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are almost at the end of Saturn’s 2-year transit through your sign, and it’s often at the end of Saturn in Capricorn that we realize just how hard we’ve been on ourselves.

As a Capricorn, you took the brunt of the pressure that this transit bestowed upon us, and now Mars in Sagittarius is encouraging you to lighten up and break free from your own self-imposed limitations. No, you don’t have to wait until you get the promotion to pursue your dream partner. It doesn’t matter if they make more money than you or if they appear to be more secure than you. Can they make love like you? Can they make others moan and beg for more like you do? Perhaps, but if you don’t shoot your shot you’ll never get the chance to be the recipient, and they’ll never be blessed with your sexual delights either.

Venus, the Planet of Love and Connection, shifts out of Aquarius and enters Pisces on the 13th, and this activates your sector of communication for several weeks. This month is likely to feel very sensual and romantic, even if that’s the last thing you’re trying to experience. Even if you try to think logically and practically, Venus in Pisces will have you getting lost in daydreams and fantasies over the course of your day, and you’ll realize that life’s about moderation… What’s the point in burying yourself in work if there’s no one with whom to play? Venus in Pisces may finally have you in the mood to respond to the cute strangers’ DMs, hit up your friend with benefits and tell them to come over, or even get back on a dating app after swearing you would never do online dating again.

The eclipse portal you experienced has taught you to let go of your preconceived notions about sex, intimacy, and who you’re meant to be with. Eclipses bring unforeseen change and unexpected experiences, and since the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on the 10th activated your sector of partnerships and marriage, of all the zodiac signs, you are the one poised to have the most adventurous and sexually stimulating month — but only if you open yourself up to the connections that want to merge with you and please you. Keep in mind that those connections may be right under your nose. Even someone you’ve had sex with for months may surprise you with new tricks up their sleeve, because the eclipse may have awakened a dormant part of their sensuality.

Release any expectations you have regarding the type of sex you’ll have this month and the type of lover who may be attracted to you, Capricorn. If you need help releasing control and opening yourself up to the unknown, but in an out of the bedroom, the Aquarius New Moon on the 24th will provide you with the perfect opportunity to do so. This is the year where the world will become aware of just how much of a sexual guru you can be if you feel safe, heard, respected, and prioritized.

Set intentions during the final week of January that have to do with those exact values, and prepare for your sex life to transform for the better in the next six months. You’ll either deepen an existing connection, or manifest one where you are free to be your wildest, most naughty, dangerous and alluring self with someone who makes you feel secure, sexy AF, and who respects your independence and need of solitude. You deserve this type of sexual ecstasy. You are the goat, and everyone wants to ride with you to the mountaintop.