Capricorn June

Jupiter has been playing no games while chillin’ in your sign this year, Capricorn. Jupiter is the Planet of Expansion and Adventure, and it doesn’t always feel at home in your sign because you’re more about tradition, practicality and predictability. And now that Jupiter’s very much retrograde in your sign, you may notice that values you previously had as a lover and friend are all of a sudden shifting or reorienting. Instead of locking yourself up in your room trying to figure out what you want, why don’t you connect with those who have clearly sent you signs that they want you, and that you may deep down be wanting too? Yes, this includes a partner you literally may have been with for months or years now, but that you may have pushed away during your more challenging times. This month many Capricorns will realize just how much people still want and crave to have wildly liberating sex with them.

Venus, the Planet of Love, is retrograde in the sign of Gemini for most of this month, which activates your sector of health and service. You’ll find that taking care of your physical and sexual health will be a priority for you before even wanting to merge with someone else. This doesn’t only mean getting tested and doing routine check-ups but it also means making sure you’re spiritually at ease with your partners, or lack thereof. If you’re abstinent or taking a break from sex, you’ll find that your ability to tune into your emotions deepens considerably around the Sag eclipse, allowing you to have greater sexual self-discipline than you would have once thought.

But remember that it’s Gemini Season, Capricorn, and there’s a thin line between skipping sex for spiritual purposes and simply being a masochist that always views sex as a reward that must be earned. You should use Venus’ retrograde in Gemini to examine your relationship with pleasure, and when you give yourself permission to fully indulge in it, or not. Start a sex journal if you can, Capricorn. It’ll be a good way to combine your more practical side with your more horny side, and examine the patterns that exist in your relationship with yourself and others. Gemini Season’s energy wants you to let your wild side out more consistently, both in and out of the bedroom. If there were ever a month to incorporate roleplay, handcuffs, whipped cream, pillow fights and blindfolds into your sex life, this would be it. Get out of your mind more and into the playfulness of sex and connection.

Some Capricorns may be feeling lonely this month, and unfulfilled from virtual connections. Retrograde and eclipse season can bring out darker emotions, and since Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is retrograde in your sign for several months, a part of you may feel out of luck when it comes to your love and sex life. But this is the thing, Capricorn. Jupiter doesn’t take away luck, it just re-routes the way it manifests in your life. So if you feel unfulfilled sexually, you should reconsider the way you tend to approach connecting with people. Do you tend to go into the dating world with a cynical attitude, making assumptions that no one understands you or wants you? What about when you’re having sex — are you present in the act, or are you overthinking it?

Once Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer on the 17th, it will activate your partnership sector for three weeks, and you’ll start to hold yourself more accountable for moments when your sex life was lacking simply due to your own perfectionism or fear of showing up as your authentic self. There’s no need to beat yourself up about it through, because there’s a high chance that you’ll reconnect with a past lover who sees you, understands you, and has compassion for you. It will feel so beautiful to be seen in such a way that you won’t be able to help yourself but want to connect with them intimately and sexually. There are certain times when sex with an ex can be revolutionary and healing, if you both have been doing the work to acknowledge past errors.

Don’t let Mercury or Venus retrograde stop you from revealing how sensitive, sensual and romantic you can be when you let down your guard, Capricorn. If you need a bit of assistance in doing so, Cancer Season, Mars in Pisces almost all month long, and the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 21st will inspire you to tap into some of your most romantic, sexually satisfied moments or visions for your future. The ones that you don’t always give yourself to openly fantasize about. The Cancer energy will feel overwhelming sweet and it will activate a more sexdriven side to you that both you and others will feel drawn to. A new you is emerging, and it feels good.

Even if you thought no one was into you, this eclipse at month’s end will show you just how oblivious you were to everyone who is. You’re much more sexually alluring and magnetic than you give yourself credit for. People fantasize about having babies with you (and this month in particular is a very fertile month for Capricorns or Capricorn partners, so be aware), and of making you scream their name all night long. By month’s end, you may be in that exact position, and you won’t want it to end. At all.