Capricorn March

Mars in your sign all month long can make you either a workaholic or have you constantly thinking about banging / getting banged by someone. It’s likely that you’ll be experiencing a back and forth, push and pull between both themes, Capricorn. Sex with your work bae or also a possibility, or playing hooky with bae to blow off some steam may be in the cards this March 2020. You are full of drive, so you might as well use it in all possible ways, right? Once Mercury shifts into Aquarius on the 4th, where it remains until the 16th, your sector of abundance and security will be activated, and this will help you revolutionize the way you pursue your sexual and romantic desires.

First, Mercury in Aquarius will help you admit to yourself if you’re crushing on someone, or seeking to deepen your connection with them. Then it will help you detach from the outcome of needing to know if it’s going to work out between you both, or where things are “going”. Mercury will still be retrograde until the 9th anyways, so there’s no need to force these types of conversations. Mercury in Aquarius is teaching you to flow, to be an observer of the hints people have been throwing you left and right, and to take a break from workaholic tendencies.

Venus, the Planet of Love, enters your fellow earth sign of Taurus on the 4th too, and this activates your sector of fate, true love and adventure for several weeks. Say yes to date requests, take bae out on sensual, romantic dinner dates, book a flight to an exotic location, use those PTO days now, Capricorn!!! Your sex life will thank you for it. This type of love energy doesn’t come around that often. One caveat is the fact that Mercury will still be retrograde until the 9th, and then we’ll still feel the post-shadow effects for several weeks, but don’t let that stop you from getting out of hermit mode and getting it in. You deserve to feel like life is your sexual wonderland. You’ve done the work during Pisces and Aquarius Season to weed out the could-be’s from the could-nots. So now dare to let those who have made the “yes” list that not only can they shoot their shot, but they can go for a home run if they’re bold enough — and if they know when to fall back when you need your space.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th activates your sector of expansion and adventure, and you may find that a six-month chapter in your love and social life comes to a close. Think back to who you were connected to sexually or emotionally during Virgo Season 2019. Any confusion, insecurity or indecision you may have felt towards that relationship is likely to be resolved on the 9th, or in the four days that precede and follow it. You’re realizing how much your own perfectionism and high standards may have kept you from truly deepening your connections with current or past admirers.

Since Mercury retrograde will end on the same day as the Virgo Full Moon, it’s likely that a situation with a past lover you couldn’t get off your mind will find a resolution. Either you’ll choose to be vulnerable and start fresh together on a more mature note, or one or both of you will decide to take a break or end the relationship, to make room for something new.

On March 21st, your planetary ruler switches out of your sign for the first time in 2.5 years, and enters another sign that it rules — Aquarius. Capricorn, this is going to be a significant turning point for you personally and socially. AHHH! GET READY TO FEEL LIKE YOU’VE GOT YOUR MOJO BACK. Even if you’ve been sexually active these past few years, a part of you may have felt like you couldn’t fully be as uninhibited as you’d like due to all the pressure that you’ve been experiencing and that you’ve been internalizing for far too long. You couldn’t even indulge in casual sex that much, even if you wanted to, because so much was on your mind and it wasn’t that satisfying. But at the same time, you may have felt that some of your long-term connections felt strained and lacked passion during Saturn in Capricorn, because your partner(s) may not have been able to fully relate to your inner experience, and you found it challenging to fully be vulnerable with them.

Saturn’s shift in Aquarius, combined with the fiery and spontaneous energy of the Sun in Aries, will provide a breather and an opening for you to release all preconceived notions about sex and relationships. All those limitations you placed in your mind are going to be blown out the water, and you’ll feel sexually reinvigorated as the month comes to an end. It’s quite likely that you’ll manifest one of the most mesmerizing and body-shaking sexual experiences around the Aries Full Moon on the 24th — the Universe wants you to let your body guide you, not your mind. Once you do, you and your partner(s) will experience new levels of sexual delight and ecstasy.