Capricorn November

With Venus, the Planet of Love, shifting into your sign on the 25th of November, you’ll find yourself spending the first 25 days of the month getting clear about what’s been missing from your life sexually, emotionally, and romantically, Capricorn. With Saturn, the Planet of Challenge and Responsibility, traveling through your sign ever since December 2017, it’s quite likely that you prioritized work over love these past few years. But this final Mercury Retrograde of the decade is going to ask you to pause for a bit and re-evaluate what your priorities are, and why.

Why do you tend to be a workaholic? Why do you sometimes use sex as an escape, or as a reward, as opposed to as a sensual sensation to engage in fully in the present moment? What is it about intimacy and vulnerability that causes you to push your lovers away right as you’re about to get to a new level in your connection? These are the types of questions that Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will bring to the forefront of your mind, whether you’re coupled, single, in a situationship, or seemingly uninterested in love and sex. You’ll spend the first three weeks of November analyzing what your patterns are in love and sex — which ones have helped you, and which ones have harmed you.

The Taurus Full Moon on November 12th activates your sector of fate and true love. Think back to where you were in life five months ago, at the Taurus New Moon during Taurus Season. Chances are, there was a relationship that meant a lot to you that was blossoming in your life, and a part of you was nervous about what it would blossom into. You’re a cautious lover, because when you fall, you fall deep and you give your all. Perhaps a part of you was grappling with the notion of investing yourself fully in the connection. This Full Moon energy marks a culmination of whatever was going on at that point in your life.

Some Capricorns will find themselves still swooning and deeply immersed in the union, and the Full Moon energy from the 8th to the 16th of November can therefore be some of the most mesmerizing and deeply erotic energy you’ve felt in a long time. But if you played mind games with your partner these past six months, this Taurus Full Moon could lead to a rupture of the relationship, or at least of the way things were in the relationship. It may be time to mourn your old self, your old relationships, or your old belief systems about the way people are supposed to love you, make love to you, or be with you.

Once Sag Season begins on November 22, your sector of spirituality and healing becomes activated for four weeks, and you’ll find yourself having more compassion for yourself and your lover(s). Instead of trying to fix it all or control the way things go for you sexually, use Sag Season to become an observer of when you naturally attract the type of flirtatious, charming and captivating energy that you want from a partner. Do those times coincide with when you feel at ease and not stressed out by work? Do you feel most sexual at night or in the morning? Is it the way your lover or crush speaks to you that breaks out your most sexy side? Or is it the non-verbal communication that truly turns you on?

Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Fantasy, will be direct starting November 27th, allowing you to truly see what’s been missing in your life for you to consistently feel sexually satisfied. Chances are, you’ve been the cause of your own limitations, but now that you are aware you can move differently.

With Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, spending its final few days in Sagittarius at the end of the year, the month of November could end with you being presented with several options for people to date, get to know, or explore sexually and romantically. As much as you’re known for being someone who seeks commitment and longevity, Sag Season also brings out the more carefree part of you that enjoys seeing what’s out there and not limiting yourself. So if you have the option to go out, mingle, date, make out, and be sexually uninhibited as the month comes to an end, go for it, Capricorn. You’ve been overworking yourself and pressuring yourself to have it all together for way too long. End the month with the fiery bang you deserve.