Capricorn November

Capricorn, this month will hit different for you, for a multitude of reasons. First, it’s Saturn and Jupiter’s last full month in your sign for the next 29 years. Next, it’s the start of eclipse season — on November 30th you’ll experience an eclipse in Gemini, activating your sector of health and wellness. Your sexual health will therefore very much be on your mind, and in order to really bask in the sexual magic of this month you should prioritize feeling good in your body. But that’s not something you have to do alone. Ask your partner to help you stretch your limbs — return the favor by giving them a sensual, perhaps oral massage, and letting them know how good it feels to be touched by them. Take your hands and direct their hands towards the parts of your body you most want massaged. Let yourself be fully taken are of, and let yourself be spoiled.

The intoxicating and magnetic energy of Scorpio Season will be coursing through you this month, Capricorn, especially once the New Moon in Scorpio occurs on the 15th. The 10 days after that New Moon may feel like one erotic fantasy after another — your imagination will be running wild with different sexual scenarios you want to experience. Now that Mars, the Planet of Action, is direct in Aries, your sector of roots and domesticity is activated, so you’re likely to actually want to stay close to home when having sex — by making it a sexual haven, you’ll feel most at ease, and your partner(s) will too.

Have fun making adjustments and re-arrangements to your bedroom space to make sure the vibe is most welcoming for the sexual energies you want to experience. For example, if there’s too much clutter underneath your bed, that can lead to imbalances in the bedroom, often unconsciously. Similarly, if you’re single and you’re trying to attract a partner, treat your bedroom as though you already had someone sleeping next to you — a consistent kissing and cuddle buddy. Have extra pillows next to you for them to sleep on. Have an extra night stand on the other side of their bed for them to put their favourite book on. Make the art on your wall be erotic and evocative of the intimacy you’d like to feel together. All of this is a form of sexual manifestation, Capricorn, and that’s a major theme for you this month.

Once Sag Season begins on the 21st, your sector of spirituality and healing will be activated and you’ll start to understand that by releasing your need to control your current, past or potential partners, you’ll attract exactly what you desire towards you. Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, ends its retrograde in Pisces on the 28th, allowing you to work through insecurities or sexual blockages that may have stopped you from fully receiving what you’ve asked for. And then on the 30th, a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini activates your sector of wellness and helps you shed selfprotective layers that may have dulled your sex life. All of a sudden you’ll feel reborn, and whoever gets to merge with you at the end of the month will probably tap out due to how much stamina, passion and energy you have at this eclipse. You’re getting ready for your birthday season to begin next month — and you’re getting a much deserved head start on the birthday bliss you deserve to experience.