Capricorn October

October is the first full month in a while where Saturn, your ruling planet, is not retrograde. That means it’s a game-changing month for you, Capricorn, especially when it comes to your relationship with yourself and others. During Saturn’s five-month retrograde in your sign, you may have been more down on yourself than usual, and that may have made your sex and love life more erratic and inconsistent. Some days you were pushing everyone away, including your lover(s) or potential bae(s). Other days you were craving profound intimacy and soul-stirring sex, but sometimes your pride got in the way of you fully expressing those needs, and this may have led to feelings of sexual frustration or isolation.

You’re breaking out of those feelings while being grateful for what it taught you about your ability to grow like a rose in the concrete. But Libra season teaches us that life’s about balance, and it’s time for you to integrate more of that in your life. How can you create a greater balance between what you tell yourself you want from your sex life, and the actions you take to commit to what you want? It’s not about putting pressure on yourself to have your life together, romantically or otherwise. It’s more about realizing that asking for what you want is one thing — living like you already have it is a completely other ball game. Use the energy of the Libra New Moon, which lasts throughout the first week of October, to set New Moon Intentions connected to exploring your multifaceted nature, especially sexually.

The Aries Full Moon on the 13th sparks a profound fire within your Earth sign soul, and you may have someone in mind whom you’d like to stroke that fire. Hehehe. Whoever you just thought of, whoever you’re fantasizing about right now, whoever you’re blushing about / chuckling discreetly about — that’s the one. Indulge in your fantasies and even take things one step further by acting on them when the opportunity arises. You’ll feel this full moon energy most from October 9 – October 17. Get ready for a wilddd ride. One you’ll never forget. And get creative about what that ride looks, feels, tastes, smells and feels like. Mmmm. The possibilities!

10 days after the Aries Full Moon, Scorpio Season comes around and intensifies your desire for intimacy and soulful connections. Yes, it’s amazing to have great sex, but you also want to know if your partner can handle you at your “worst”, when you’re not in the mood to woo or impress them, but rather in the mood to sulk or be moody. Scorpio Season is when you find out who really likes you for you, and who really likes you for what they think they can get from you. Now that Saturn’s direct in your sign, it’s time to make clear decisions about who stays and who goes. So even if the sex is bomb, but the spiritual connection is off, you may find yourself letting lovers go around the 23rd, and especially once the Scorpio New Moon takes place the 27th.

Get clear about what’s been boring you in bed, and what changes you’d like to make in order to feel more consistently satisfied, no matter what your relationship status is. But remember that people aren’t mind-readers, Capricorn. Once Mercury retrograde begins on the 31st, you may find yourself feeling the need to express yourself, but you may not have the proper words to do so. Use your body language to make your point. You’re usually not the biggest fan of PDA, but the energy of Scorpio Season has you shaking up the status quo and acting in a sexier, more enigmatic and mystifying way than usual. Slap your partner’s ass as you’re walking to your car in the parking lot. Send that mid-day sext or booty call request. Just make sure you’re sending it to the right person (Mercury retrograde be out here playing games sometimes), and that you’re making it clear when you’re being humorous. End the month with a spirit of playfulness and adventurousness, and invite your partner(s) to join you for the ride.