Capricorn October

Welcome to October, Capricorn. This month will feel so much more exciting and invigorating than most of 2018 has felt, and that’s due to Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, finally being direct in your zodiac sign for the first time in five months! When Pluto was retrograde, you were feeling overwhelmed by challenges, anxieties, and frustrations in your personal and professional life. Even if outwardly you seemed to have it all together, deep down you were struggling, lonely and misunderstood. Not to mention the fact that Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, was also retrograde in your sign for a good part of the year, as well as Mars, the Planet of Action. You therefore may not have been getting as much consistent, liberating and mind-blowing action sexually speaking as you would have wanted, due to all of these mental strains holding you back. All of this changes for the better in October, and you may feel like life is picking up speed and everything is aligning for you, making you feel sexier and more in demand than ever.

There will still be one retrograde to watch out for though, and that’s Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, which begins on October 5. This will highlight your sector of social networks and friendships, so if you’ve been in a friends-with-benefits situation with someone this year, you may have to handle some challenges that pop up this month in regards to one or both of you catching feelings for the other. You usually like clarity and boundaries in your relationship, but the retrograde vibes can make things a bit blurry for you in that department. You may not actually know how to express what you want, because your desires are changing and uncertain during the retrograde.

For Capricorns who are already committed, Venus Retrograde may lead to secrets coming out of nowhere and being revealed to you (or some secrets that you have been keeping from your partner may be revealed to them). Before letting yourselves get carried away with dramatic antics or break-ups, Venus Retrograde would be the perfect time to commit to having greater transparency and honesty in your relationship — if it’s worth fighting for, of course. Being honest with each other will actually be a huge turn-on and will deepen your sexual experience with your partner. Emotional transparency leads to sexual relatability.

And for single Capricorns who haven’t had sex in a while, this is the month where it can all turn around if you’re willing to stop being a hermit and get out there and socialize! With your social network sector lit up by the Scorpio vibes, say yes to the outings and invitations that you receive from fellow friends. Go on blind dates (yes, even if they push you out of your comfort zone) or single meetup events, put on your most appealing outfit, take yourself on a shopping spree, get a makeover… Your sex life won’t change unless you do, Capricorn! Of course, some of you may be telling yourself that you’re absolutely fine being sex-free, and if there’s a spiritual or personal reason for that, more power to you. But just make sure you’re not denying yourself sexual pleasure because you’re afraid of rejection. There are so many people out there seeking what you have to give them, and they’ll never get the honor of connecting with you emotionally and physically if you just hide out in your Capricorn cave.

The Libra New Moon on the 8th of October can lead to a workplace connection deepening. If you’ve had a crush or felt major chemistry with someone at work or in your field, be prepared for either them or you to make a more direct move towards you between October 8th and October 18th. Under this New Moon influence, you may also find yourself fantasizing about sex and love at work. This will be a way for you to breathe easy from all the workaholic vibes you’ve been immersed in recently, and it will also give you ideas of what to do once you clock out… Don’t let your fantasies only be fantasies, Capricorn. Go after what you want, and think big when it comes to how you’ll get it.

The month ends with the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio, followed by a Full Moon in Taurus, lighting up your self-care and wellness sector. You’ll be ready to ground yourself a bit more in your relationships and sexual connections during the last week of October. After a whirlwind of the month where you let yourself be less predictable and routine-oriented, the Scorpio Season vibes and the Full Moon energy will have you feeling more serious and drawn towards one-on-one connections with equally serious people. As long as you don’t set your standards too high and let your expectations limit your interactions, this Full Moon will help you clear out all the baggage that you may have been holding on to in relationships, and enter a new chapter of sexual pleasure and liberation.