capricorn september

Welcome to September, Capricorn. This is a huge month for you because Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, finally ends its five-month retrograde in your sign on September 6! This will lead to an entirely new version of yourself coming out of the cocoon, after a deep period of introspection and hibernation. Sex wasn’t necessarily your priority while Saturn was retrograde. You were too busy dealing with life’s challenges and responsibilities and trying to keep it all together for yourself and those who depended on you. But congratulations — you’ve made it through a very trying period in your life. People may not have realized just how much pressure you’ve been putting on yourself. And the lack of consistent sexual adventures was weighing on you too. Now that Saturn’s direct in your sign, you deserve to let your hair down and have as much sex as possible! If you already have a sexual partner (or multiple partners) in mind, they’ll rejoice in this more liberated version of yourself and they’ll gladly welcome you back. If you’re still looking for potential partners to get freaky with, mark the date of the New Moon in Virgo, September 9 as a great start for finding your match. This also coincides with Venus entering Scorpio and deepening your sexual urges significantly.

Your social network and technology sector will be activated by Venus in Scorpio, so as much of a traditionalist as you can be, there’s no need to rule out dating apps or social media as a way of connecting sexually with someone. Go ahead and slide into someone’s DMs if you feel the urge from September 9 onwards. You may pretty soon be sliding underneath their sheets, making them scream your name and leaving them craving more. You may also be introduced to someone around the New Moon in Virgo, and they may at first seem completely different than the people you’re usually into. That’s because the Virgo New Moon is activating your expansion and adventure sector, and you’re being asked to step outside of your comfort zone and give a chance to people whom you’d usually rule out. Mars, the Planet of Action, will be back in Aquarius starting on September 10th, meaning that your attraction to eccentric, weirder types will become more significant, Capricorn. Don’t fight it. It may very well be the best sex you’ve had in your life, simply because you’ve let go of your expectations and super high standards.

Once Libra Season begins on September 22, your career will be on your mind, and you’ll want to mix work with play. It’s important to use the more airy and light-hearted vibes of the Libra Sun to not take yourself too seriously at work, or else it’ll have a detrimental effect on your sex life. If you try to control everything, it will backfire. But it’s true that when you feel like you’re on top of things professionally, you’ll notice that your sexual stamina increases and you’ll want to celebrate by having rounds of sex with willing partners. You may even schedule sex in between successful business meetings this month, Capricorn. You’ll feel like you have to play catch up after months of stressing yourself out and denying yourself the sexual pleasure that you deserve, but pace yourself and make sure that you’re being as present as possible with your sexual partners and not just using them as an outlet or stress-reliever…

The Full Moon in Aries on September 24 highlights your domestic sector, and you may find yourself wanting to stay close to home during the last week of the month, especially since the month ends with Pluto ending its retrograde in your sign. This is a significant month for you, because for the last few months the emphasis has been on the past. You’ve been healing past wounds when it came to your own sex story and how you viewed your sexual health. You’ve been learning to let go of grudges when it comes to people who may have hurt or betrayed you. You’ve been trying to not live in the past, and instead make your present reality as fulfilling as possible. So once this Full Moon and Pluto going direct takes place, you’ll feel like you’ve morphed into a brand new version of yourself at month’s end, one that’s sexually liberated, much less burdened and overwhelmed, and ready to orgasm as much as possible!