Capricorn January

This month is all about you, Capricorn. It begins with an enlightening New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on January 5, and this energy supercharges you with transformative energy that allow you to recreate yourself in every way. When it comes to your sex and love life, Saturn in your sign for the past year has caused you to have more restraint in your interactions, and also be very selective. But this eclipse is going to make you question your intentions and true desires. Are you suppressing your true urges out of fear of vulnerability or intimacy? If you’ve been craving orgasmic sex but for some reason you’re afraid to let yourself have it, it’s important to step into the step into the spirit of allowing and gifting yourself sexual and emotional pleasure.

The eclipse in your sign is going to be a massive heart-opener, so don’t be surprised if within 10 days of the New Moon you start to see your relationships transform positively. People will be extra attracted to you and turned on by you. Don’t shy away from the attention. Be bold and daring as you make it clear to your sex partner(s) what you’d like them to do to you. That can also mean deciding that you need to take a break from sex in order to become more deeply acquainted with yourself. Eclipses often lead to an element of surprise taking place and shifting your perspective of the way you experience the world. By the end of January, you will be a completely different type of lover and human being, Capricorn. Step into your power and realize the mesmerizing effect you have on others. You may have some of the best sex you’ve had in months, or even years, with this Capricorn New Moon Eclipse energy.

On top of all that electric energy, Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Sagittarius on the 7th and remains there until February. and this activates your healing and spirituality sector. Pay attention to the dreams that you receive in both your sleeping and waking life, because if you’ve been trying to telepathically communicate with someone and let them know how much they’re into you, you may be able to do so using more subconscious methods such as eye contact, sexy text messages, casual arm brushes, batting of the eyelashes… You know the deal. Just make sure that your pride and ego isn’t getting in the way of manifesting an abundant and thrilling sex life.

You may find yourself deeply attracted to someone who seems inaccessible or unavailable during Venus in Sag, and you may start obsessing about being with them and having sex with them. Use the bold energy of Venus in Sag, combined with Uranus going direct in Aries on the 6th of this month, to turn sexual fantasies into tangible realities. By being more direct and texting or calling the object of your affection and saying something like, “Want to come over so I can pick your mind and explore your body?”, you’ll instantly notice the Universe opening doors for you and sending what you’re seeking your way.

Two weeks after the Capricorn eclipse, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo takes place, and activates your sector of depth and intimacy. Think back to where you were in your romantic and sex life around August 2018. Whichever people or situations were on your heart around then will start to come full circle around this eclipse. The realizations that you make aren’t always easy to navigate though. For example, if you’re in a friends with benefits type of situation, or any other situationships, and it’s been filled with drama or unreciprocated love, the eclipse may cause an abrupt ending that will take you time to process.

If you find yourself keeping someone around just because the sex is good, you may have a wake-up call and start to assert your more personal and vulnerable needs as well. This month starts with your eclipse, helping you get more deeply acquainted with yourself and what thrills you physically and emotionally. Then it ends with the Leo eclipse, asking you to dive into the more spiritual side of sex and not look at your relationships in such a practical way. Let yourself be drawn and attracted to people with whom you have a magnetic and irresistible connection, mentally, emotionally, physically, and of course sexually. Open yourself up to receive the sex life of your dreams.