Capricorn July

Welcome to July, Capricorn! A major Lunar Eclipse takes place in your sign on the 16th, and you’ll be preparing for this event all month long. But before we even get to that, the New Moon in Cancer occurs on July 2, activating your partnership sector and making you feel so drawn to your lover(s), in almost an intoxicating way. You’re someone who often prioritizes work and your professional objectives over fully diving in romantically, but this eclipse will shake things up considerably and make you realize that love should always be a priority in your life. And by prioritizing love, your sex life also blooms and blows you away. This Cancer eclipse activates a six-month cycle in your life where you may find yourself falling more deeply in love with yourself, and your lover(s). You will feel so deeply connected to your soul this month, Capricorn, and this will make you one of the best people to make love to. Whoever is lucky enough to be in bed with you this month will feel their heart and body tingle with ecstasy.

One caveat is the fact that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, goes retrograde on the 7th of this month. Although retrogrades are nothing to fear, they can cause blockages in communication or minor arguments. You may find yourself getting more jealous or possessive of your lover(s) around this time, even if you’re full of double standards because you yourself may be doing what you’re asking them not to do… The key is to be honest about when you’re being hypocritical or holding lovers to standards that you aren’t upholding. No one’s perfect, and no one asked you to be. Just accept the same from others, and your sexual and emotional connection will intensify. People from your past may resurface, seeking to reconnect in a new way, both sexually and emotionally speaking. Before being too reactive, take time to observe how they’re acting around you and how your body feels when you’re around them. If you’re craving their touch, and it intuitively feels right to reconnect, then don’t let your pride or ego stop you from exploring that connection…

Then on July 16, one of the biggest astrological events of the year takes place — a Lunar Eclipse in your sign. You may find yourself finally admitting your true feelings to a lover or crush. These don’t always have to be super romantic feelings or big declarations of love. Perhaps you’ll be able to tell them times when you felt turned off, or you’ll be able to admit insecurities you have that hold you back from being fully present sexually or emotionally. This eclipse in your sign brings closure to a six-month cycle surrounding self-worth and self-love. You’re realizing that no one will be able to love you the way you love yourself, so that has to be your priority. You can still engage with others, make love to others, and be in a relationship with others, but this eclipse is also going to help you get to the root of your own blockages. If you dare to feel the emotions that come up, it will manifest as a sweet release, especially if you have sex within the four days before and after the eclipse. All the emotions that you have built up inside you will finally be free, and this will make you so much more uninhibited and vulnerable in bed.

Then Leo Season begins on the 22nd, followed by Venus’ entrance into Leo on the 27th. Let down your guard during Leo Season, Capricorn. The eclipse will have helped you do so, but Leo Season encourages you to lighten up, and be more carefree and explorative in bed and in love. A spontaneous road trip adventure with a crush or partner may be just what you need to decompress sexually and emotionally as the month rounds out. With Saturn and Pluto both retrograde in your sign, you’ve been going through more challenges than most, which is why sex with the right person can bring you peace and make you feel at ease. If you haven’t yet manifested that person, use the New Moon in Leo on the 31st to visualize them into existence. “Ask, believe, receive…”