Capricorn September

Get prepared for your sex life to have a major boost this month, Capricorn! You are ruled by Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, and on September 18th it finally ends its five-month retrograde in your zodiac sign. That means all of that somber, moody energy that you’ve been internally feeling is going to be transformed bit by bit, and you’ll start to make room to foster the sexual and emotional connections you’ve been desiring.

You’ve been way too hard on yourself this year, and also pretty hard on your lover(s). While your intentions may be good, it sometimes did you more harm than good to mostly focus on what you want to improve in your relationships instead of all that’s already blossoming in your favor. Your mission this month is, therefore, to pay attention to all the love that’s been trying to enter your life, but that may have been blocked due to your self-protection.

The Virgo New Moon that started September activates your expansion sector, so during the first third of the month you’ll find yourself dreaming of all the ways you’d like your love life to expand for the better. Perhaps you’ve been playing it safe, trying to convince yourself to stay with someone because of “rational” reasons, when in reality you may be having sexual fantasies about someone else. It’s also possible that you may love more than one person at once, but because you’re so used to monogamy being the societally acceptable way of loving, you may be pushing away these feelings and causing a war within yourself. Take time to set intentions about what you want, Capricorn. That’s the only way the Universe can give it to you. You have to be honest with yourself, first, and make sure you’re not breaking hearts in the process… You’ll find that the more honest you are with yourself, the more your partner(s) will be turned on by you and will want to get inside your head (and bed).

On the 14th, the Pisces Full Moon activates your communication sector, and Venus, the Planet of Love, and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, both enter Libra, shaking up your comfort zone and asking you to release ancient ways of viewing love and intimacy, and instead be willing to dive headfirst into something new. If you’ve been bored in your sex life lately, this is the Full Moon and Libra transits that you need to shake things up radically. Say yes to dates with people who push you outside of your comfort zone — especially people you may not be your usual type. There are many twists and turns that the Universe has up its sleeve right now, Capricorn. And once your ruler Saturn goes direct on the 18th, you’ll be glad that you explored new people because it will help you expand your consciousness, your sexuality and your emotions.

Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, remains retrograde in your sign until October 2, so sex with an (emotionally evolved) ex or “the one that got away” is likely during the last 2 weeks of the month. If your soul has been longing for such a connection, but you’ve been suppressing it because you were trying to be “rational”, you’ll have to let go of such limitations and be honest about what your body really wants and craves. Even if you’re unable to admit it to yourself, people who are turned on by you will clearly admit it to you.

As we approach 2020, we have to leave the mind games and manipulation behind (for the most part, because it’s healthy to acknowledge and entertain our shadow side from time to time), and dare to be radically honest about what would be sexually and emotionally satisfying to us. So practice doing so, especially once Libra Season begins on September 23, followed by the Libra New Moon the 28th. A new you is being born — one who is able to vocalize what their true needs are, and therefore manifest them with greater ease than before. Your sex drive will increase dramatically at month’s end, meaning you may be in for a wild ride that blows you and your partner(s) away. Accept the love that the Universe is showering you with. After an intense retrograde season with several planets in your sign, you deserve major sexual healing.