Capricorn May

Oh, Capricorn. With Saturn and Pluto both retrograde in your sign for the next 4.5 months, as much as you may want to forget about romance and sex, it’s on your mind more than ever. You may find yourself replaying your most exciting and unforgettable sexcapades in your mind, so even if you look innocent and composed on the outside, on the inside you’re thinking of when you can get your next fix. Your job this month is to not make life harder on yourself. If there’s an opportunity to connect and fulfill your sexual desires with the right person/people, then say yes to that opportunity if it feels right to both of you.

Sometimes you rationalize when the “right” time to let go and let loose in and out of the bedroom is. This can lead to you ruining a perfectly sexy or romantic vibe because you want to make sure the timing is just right. But this month, with it being retrograde season, you should release the urge to have everything structured and organized. Have sex unpredictably, on the go, in the car, in a restaurant or plane bathroom, in your backyard, etc.. The wilder, the better, Capricorn.

The Taurus New Moon on the 4th will crystallize this “new moon, new me” energy. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus and when you combine that placement with the Taurus New Moon, your lover(s) may believe you’ve be acting a bit out of the norm lately. This isn’t a bad thing though, even if it feels disorienting to those around you. It’s allowing you to prioritize your animalistic urges and live your life based more on instinct rather than rationality. If it feels right for you to text the one that got away and set up a date to catch up (and perhaps make out passionately while admitting deeply-held feelings you have for each other), then do it. You’ll be surprised how quickly the Universe will align itself with your ideal vibration once you’re courageous enough to admit it to yourself and others. Journal if you have to, or write a sexual screenplay that you can eventually use for sexual role-play. Deepen your connection with the type of partner(s) who won’t judge you for finding creative, soulful ways to express what your body, mind and soul really wants.

The key to orgasmic sex for you Capricorn is to feel safe with your partner, and to have mutual trust and surrender. That means quieting your mind enough to hear what your intuition is telling you. Sometimes it’s hard for you to be fully present when having sex because of all the thoughts running through your mind. But once Mars enters Cancer on the 15th, and Venus shifts into its home sign of Taurus, your ability to tune into the here and now and trust your body’s longings and desired strokes, moans and physical sensations will deepen considerably.

When you combine all this sultry, intense energy with the Full Moon in Scorpio taking place on May 18th, you’ll end the month of May with a strong libido and a strong desire for someone to experiment with sexually. Just know that with sex comes emotion, especially during a Scorpio Full Moon. Whatever romantic or sexual situation you found yourself in around November 2018 is likely to come full circle between the 18th and the end of May.

Since it’s retrograde season, you’ll want to make sure you don’t keep attracting the same emotionally unavailable partners, or people who may intrigue you and excite you in bed, but ultimately don’t fulfill you on a holistic level. You may also get a wake-up call that you’re the one who has to work on being more invested, both in and out of the bedroom. Your partner, ex, crush, or even a platonic friend may let you know that instead of waiting for the magic to happen, you have to create it and show up consistently.

Capricorn, if you want bomb sex on the regular, step into “bomb sex on the regular energy”, and start creating that lifestyle. What does your sexually liberated self think and wear? How do they carry themselves? Who do they attract? If they’re already partnered up, what does their sex life look and feel like? How free do they feel when having sex, and how free does their partner feel? The more you dive into these existential questions, the more in tune with yourself and your sex drive you will be, and the more enhanced your sexual abilities become. Definitely a win-win-win situation, so start cultivating the mentality of a sexual god(dess) who knows what they want and intentionally manifests bomb sex on the regular.